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We Asked Your Favorite Bible Verse: Here's What You Said

Last week, Pure Flix posted the following picture on Facebook. The response was so incredible! Within a day, we heard from nearly a thousand of you. It was beautiful to see which verses resonate with each of you. Here’s a quick recap of your comments:

Top Bible verse overall. This was the verse that was mentioned the most:

Out of all the Old Testament verses, this one was mentioned the most: 

It was also so cool to see these Bible verses pop-up. They are ones we don’t hear too often: 

Many of you loved this powerful verse from Revelation:

Some people even shared stories along with their verse, like these Pure Flix fans:

These were the top Bible Verses from Paul:


Then some people just couldn’t pick one:

For more, check out the Facebook post. After reading through the comments, you may feel like this Pure Flix fan:

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