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Is This God's Super Sign of the End Times? Author Reveals His Take

By Billy Hallowell on 6/16/20 9:29 AM

Author Jeff Kinley believes the Bible lays out some fascinating circumstances that will unfold as humanity marches toward the biblical "end times." 

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Pastor Dismantles Popular Atheist Argument About God Having a 'Creator'

By Billy Hallowell on 5/4/20 10:45 AM

A pastor named Tim Barnett recently released a short video that takes aim at a popular atheist talking point about Christianity: that Christians can't truly hold to the notion that everything in existence has a creator.

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Report: Christianity Declining in America at 'Rapid Pace'

By Billy Hallowell on 10/17/19 7:57 AM

Christianity in America is declining at a "rapid pace," according to startling new analysis from The Pew Research Center.

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CHILLS: Huge NYC Crowd Sings ‘Amazing Grace’ in Defense of Unborn

By Billy Hallowell on 5/8/19 9:00 AM

We already showed you the stunning clip of thousands of Christians singing “How Great Is Our God” while assembled in New York City’s Times Square — but now there’s another video showing the crowd singing a powerful rendition of the popular hymn “Amazing Grace.”

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