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'Taming the Tongue': 4 Lessons to Make You Rethink Everything You Say

By Billy Hallowell on 8/18/21 7:34 AM

The Bible has a lot to say about the importance of watching how we speak to others, and the most pointed scripture on this issue is found in James 3.

Topics: Bible Study Lifestyle
4 min read

5 Great Daily Devotions for Men of God

By Editors on 2/1/21 7:00 AM

In our culture, it can be difficult to define manhood and especially with few Christian role models to help guide the way for Christian men. The modern man faces tremendous pressure to have all the answers when it comes to balancing a career, children, relationships and family life. Time is in demand and that can complicate our lives. We can look to Jesus for guidance in these troubled times and use Bible study tools to light our paths.

Topics: Lifestyle Devotionals
7 min read

5 Christians in the NFL Who Are Living for Jesus

By Billy Hallowell on 1/8/21 9:00 AM

Football is without a doubt one of the most popular sports in America. And while much of the interest in the NFL centers on players’ talents and devotion, there’s been an uptick in intrigue surrounding players’ faith. 

Topics: Christianity Lifestyle
3 min read

Parents: A Powerful Way to Fight Bullying and Teach Your Kids Truth

By Billy Hallowell on 10/7/20 10:28 AM

Bullying can have a tragic and monumental impact over young people's lives, with parents often struggling over how to most effectively deal with this pervasive and cross-generational blight. 

Topics: Relationships Lifestyle
5 min read

5 Powerful Bible Verses About Love and Marriage

By Billy Hallowell on 7/6/20 10:24 AM

The Bible shares the greatest love story of all time: The love that God has for His people and how He sacrificed His one and only son so we could have eternal salvation. It should come as no surprise, then, that the Bible is packed with verses about love.

Topics: Christianity Lifestyle
6 min read

10 Things the Church Must Do in Response to the Coronavirus

By Joseph Mattera on 3/11/20 12:45 PM

In all my years I have never seen the kind of panic related to the potential spread of an illness. The kind of panic and fear I observe regularly on the faces of the public almost rivals what I observed when I was in Manhattan after the Twin Towers were toppled and the Pentagon attacked on September 11th 2001!

Topics: Lifestyle
4 min read

‘I’ll Pray For You’: 7 Ways to Truly Live Out Your Promise

By Billy Hallowell on 10/8/19 9:00 AM

Prayer is an essential element of the Christian experience, but with the chaos of schedules it’s sometimes difficult to set up a good and solid routine that we can keep up with. 

Topics: Christianity Prayer Lifestyle
5 min read

4 Ways Having a Giving Heart Will Bless Your Life

By Billy Hallowell on 9/12/19 9:00 AM

The scriptures are filled with Bible stories about helping others, and these stories are meant to inspire us in our own journeys as we work to have a giving heart and be more like Jesus. One of the most fascinating proclamations from Christ is delivered in Acts 20.

Topics: Christianity Lifestyle
4 min read

5 Ways To Turn The Other Cheek With Difficult People

By Billy Hallowell on 10/3/18 12:00 PM

What does it mean to “turn the other cheek?” The Bible has quite a bit to say when it comes to dealing with difficult people who have wronged or frustrated us, but despite the clear guidance, it can often times be difficult to live out that sentiment.

Topics: Bible Verses Lifestyle
3 min read

9 Rejuvenating Bible Verses About Age

By Editors on 10/22/17 7:00 AM

In our youthful culture, we fear and avoid aging. We fight wrinkles, color gray hair, and focus every effort on staying young. But what does the Bible say about aging? Here are nine Bible verses about age.

Topics: Bible Verses Lifestyle
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