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5 Pro-Life Bible Verses That Will Inspire You

By Billy Hallowell on 1/22/20 10:01 AM

The Bible is filled with pro-life Bible verses that speak about the power of God's love for His creation. With this in mind, the scriptures overwhelmingly offer up Bible verses against abortion and in defense of the unborn.

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3 min read

5 Powerful Martin Luther King Jr. Quotes Worth Pondering

By Billy Hallowell on 1/15/20 9:30 AM

As we honor Martin Luther King Jr. — the pastor, activist and civil rights icon who inspired millions —  it’s important to look back at his words of wisdom to glean timeless lessons that can continue to guide our personal relations and culture.

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2 min read

Millennial Evangelists' Bold Plan to Combat 'Chaos of This Culture'

By Billy Hallowell on 1/6/20 10:49 AM

It's no secret that culture is in a truly chaotic place, with confusion, infighting, anger and hatred all-too-often raging on social media and across the nation and world.

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2 min read

This Is the Shortest Chapter in the Bible but It Delivers BIG Lessons

By Billy Hallowell on 12/4/19 9:00 AM

The Bible is no doubt filled with life-affirming content, with the scriptures guiding Christians in our faith walk, helping explain God's relationship to humanity and offering a guide for how we should live, love and interact with one another.

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