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6 min read

17 Inspiring Bible Verses For Father's Day To Celebrate Dads

By Billy Hallowell on 6/14/20 7:00 AM

The Bible is filled with verses that provide guidance to fathers as they seek to offer encouragement, leadership and love to their families.

Below, you’ll find 17 Bible verses for Father’s Day that shed light on God’s divine plan for dads. Consider sharing these Bible verses for dads with your kids and families, and use them to encourage — and pray for — the fathers in your life.

Topics: Holidays Bible Verses
6 min read

The Origin of Christmas: Is Christmas a ‘Pagan’ Holiday?

By Billy Hallowell on 12/4/19 11:00 AM

The Christmas season is filled with joy, love, and the remembrance of Jesus’ birth. But while we know that Christ’s arrival is the true origin of Christmas, there are some important questions some might have about the real history of Christmas.

Topics: Christmas Holidays
5 min read

Christmas Angels: The Powerful Role of Angels in the Nativity Story

By Billy Hallowell on 11/29/19 10:32 AM

The Christmas story is one of the most well-known biblical accounts, with millions of people around the world celebrating the story of Jesus’ arrival to save humanity from sin. One of the most interesting elements is the role that angels in the Bible play in the nativity story. 

Topics: Holidays Prayer
7 min read

5 Big Myths and Misconceptions Surrounding the Story of Jesus’ Birth

By Billy Hallowell on 11/27/19 9:12 AM

Most Americans are deeply familiar with the nativity — the traditional Christmas scene that captures the story of Jesus’ birth. It’s a display that typically shows the baby Christ surrounded by stable animals, Mary, Joseph, angels, shepherds and the three wise men. 

Topics: Holidays
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