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You’ve Heard the Song — but What are the 12 Days of Christmas?

By Billy Hallowell on 12/21/21 5:45 AM

“On the twelfth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me…” You probably found yourself humming along to those familiar lyrics as you read them. The “12 Days of Christmas” carol is a holiday staple, one that many know but few understand.

Topics: Christianity Christmas
4 min read

Joseph & Jesus: 4 Lessons Jesus' Father Can Teach Us at Christmastime

By Billy Hallowell on 12/20/21 9:00 AM

Many of us love to tell the Christmas story each year as we remember Jesus' arrival on Earth and His resulting ministry. But one of the most fascinating parts of the story is examining the key individuals involved and the lessons they can teach us. And that includes the relationship between Joseph and Jesus.

Topics: Christmas Bible Study Bible Story
7 min read

15 Christmas Prayers to Share With Your Family

By Billy Hallowell on 12/16/21 4:00 AM

The Christmas season is an important time to spend time with family and loved ones. It’s also an essential time to focus on building up one’s faith — and keeping the true meaning of the holiday at the top of our minds. With prayer, Bible readings and other efforts to build your faith, you and your family can live in joy this holiday season.

Topics: Christmas Prayer
3 min read

The Birth of Jesus: Luke 2 Unveils the Greatest Story Ever Told

By Billy Hallowell on 12/10/21 4:00 AM

Luke 2 is one of the most celebrated portions of scripture. The chapter offers a fascinating look at the events surrounding Jesus Christ's birth — one of the most monumental events in human history.

Topics: Christmas
4 min read

The Amazing Old Testament Prophecy Surrounding Jesus' Birth

By Billy Hallowell on 12/7/21 3:15 AM

Isaiah 7 is one of the most fascinating Old Testament chapters — and it's perhaps the one (alongside Isaiah 9) that gets the most attention during the Christmas season. Why, you ask?

Topics: Christianity Christmas Bible Study
5 min read

Who Were the Shepherds? 5 Amazing Details About Their Nativity Role

By Billy Hallowell on 12/3/21 5:00 AM

One of the most compelling parts of the nativity narrative are the people whom God chose to include in the story. Not only did God bring Jesus to earth, He did so in an unexpected way (in a barn, with animals) and the first to worship Him were not anointed kings or queens, but shepherds at the manager.

Topics: Christianity Christmas
8 min read

The Origin of Christmas: Is Christmas a ‘Pagan’ Holiday?

By Billy Hallowell on 11/30/21 4:45 AM

The Christmas season is filled with joy, love, and the remembrance of Jesus’ birth. But while we know that Christ’s arrival is the true origin of Christmas, there are some important questions some might have about the real history of Christmas.

Topics: Christmas Holidays
7 min read

The History Behind Christmas: Bethlehem and the Wise Men

By Billy Hallowell on 12/16/19 10:05 AM

Most of us are very familiar with the nativity story, but while we might know the general details, perhaps we’re not as well-versed with some of the more intricate details surrounding the birthplace of Jesus, the Magi (also known as the three wise men) and the significance of gold, frankincense and myrrh — the gifts given to Jesus.

Topics: Christmas
5 min read

8 Powerful Bible Quotes and Scriptures About Jesus' Birth

By Billy Hallowell on 12/13/19 11:00 AM

The events surrounding Jesus' birth are fascinating, eye-opening and patently divine. Some of the most powerful elements of the story found in Matthew and Luke offer us some important insight.

Topics: Christmas Bible Verses
3 min read

6 Details You Might Have Wrong About the Bible’s Nativity Story

By Billy Hallowell on 12/24/18 9:00 AM

Most of us are intensely familiar with the traditional nativity story and scene, but are you aware that there are actually some common misconceptions enshrined in popular depictions of Jesus’ birth?

Topics: Christianity Christmas
1 min read

Greg Laurie Inspires With ‘Greatest Christmas Gift’ Imaginable

By Billy Hallowell on 12/21/18 2:00 PM

Greg Laurie, founder of Harvest Crusade and Harvest America and the pastor of Harvest Christian Fellowship in Riverside, California, recently revealed what he believes is the “greatest Christmas gift” imaginable, offering up an inspiring holiday message about hope and redemption.

Topics: Christmas
4 min read

Best Christmas Albums We Can’t Stop Listening To

By Billy Hallowell on 12/17/18 9:00 AM

Are you on the search for the best Christmas albums this season? Look no further. The following list of top Christmas albums offers an array of music from well-known artists — songs that will inspire you, uplift you and get you into the holiday spirit. From MercyMe to Lauren Daigle and TobyMac, the following 10 albums are each unique in their own right:

Topics: Christmas Bible Study
3 min read

Three Christmas Bible Verses to Reflect on This December

By Editors on 12/22/17 7:00 AM

The true meaning of Christmas can be lost in the hustle and bustle of holiday planning and shopping. There is so much going on in our lives that if we aren’t careful, we can miss out on the awe and beauty of the miracle that occurred on Christmas morning. Take some time this holiday season to reflect on these verses from the Bible to restore your sense of wonder at the birth of Christ.

Topics: Christmas Holidays Bible Verses
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