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Life, Death & 'Power of the Tongue': Why What You Say Truly Matters

By Billy Hallowell on 1/23/20 9:00 AM

What we say matters. And the Bible makes it blatantly clear that we can cause a lot of trouble when we open our mouths and fail to think about what's coming out. This is the primary lesson we learn in James Chapter 3 and, in particular, James 3:1-12.

Topics: Christianity Prayer Bible Study
1 min read

Facing Trials? Looking for Strength? This Devotional Will Inspire You

By Billy Hallowell on 1/15/20 8:12 AM

Are you looking for perseverance, strength — and wisdom? The Book of James has all that and more. 

Topics: Podcasts Bible Study
3 min read

Is Believing Enough? Faith vs. Works and Other Lessons From James 2

By Billy Hallowell on 1/10/20 9:25 AM

The Book of James is filled with fulfilling advice and perspective, with James Chapter 2 offering essential lessons about favoritism, faith vs. works and more. Three of the most important take-aways in this chapter are found in James 2:1, James 2:14 and James 2:17.

Topics: Christianity Bible Study
4 min read

5 Powerful Lessons (and Warnings) in James 1

By Billy Hallowell on 1/2/20 11:18 AM

The Book of James is a relatively short, five-chapter book of the Bible, but despite it's brief length, this epistle is filled with essential spiritual advice and guidance. 

Topics: Bible Study Bible Verses Devotionals
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