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The Apostle Paul's Transformation Offers a Powerful Reality For Us All

By Billy Hallowell on 3/2/20 9:40 AM

Galatians is a powerful epistle written by the Apostle Paul to the churches in Galatia. This Galatians summary will go through Galatians 1 to pinpoint the most transformative truths that can help us grow on our individual journeys with Christ.

Topics: Christianity Bible Story
4 min read

Joseph & Jesus: 4 Lessons Jesus' Father Can Teach Us at Christmastime

By Billy Hallowell on 12/6/19 9:00 AM

Many of us love to tell the Christmas story each year as we remember Jesus' arrival on Earth and his resulting ministry. But one of the most fascinating parts of the story is examining the key individuals involved and the lessons they can teach us.

Topics: Christmas Bible Study Bible Story
4 min read

'Jesus Marveled': Key Moment in Scripture Teaches a Big 'God' Lesson

By Ray Comfort on 11/19/19 12:28 PM

No one can run fast enough, jump high enough, sing well enough, or drop enough money into the collection bag to impress God. This is because every ability we have and everything we own comes from Him.

Topics: Inspiration Bible Story
8 min read

Mother’s Day Inspiration from Mothers of the Bible

By Billy Hallowell on 5/9/19 3:00 PM

Biblical Examples of Mothers to Inspire This Mother’s Day

Motherhood is one of the most essential roles in human history. As we honor moms, it’s important to remember that they fulfill a divine role when it comes to shaping children and teaching them about the holy spirit, the Bible and God’s work in our lives.

Topics: Bible Study Bible Story
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