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Coping with Loss and Grief During the Holidays – Christmas Hope for Your Sadness

By Laura Woodworth on 11/23/22 2:45 AM

“Firsts” can be hard when you’re dealing with loss and grief, especially during the holidays. Your first Christmas may be the hardest in your time of grieving. While everyone around you is celebrating, you may feel overwhelmed with loss.

And it is definitely acceptable to take your time in your grieving and healing process. Just look at Will in "Moonrise," who is still trying to cope and heal from his wife's tragic death two years later. We meet Will at Christmastime, when family gatherings and being with loved ones are more pertinent. The first holiday without a loved one can definitely be the hardest. Grieving loved ones can definitely be more of a hardship during the holidays.


In your sadness, it can be tempting to avoid people and ignore the holidays, but Christmas is more than parties and sparkling lights. It’s the message of hope to a people in despair. It’s the very nearness of God to you and me, come to earth in the humble form of a child -- our beloved Saviour, Jesus!

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What is a Guardian Angel? Your Guide to Understanding Guardian Angels

By Marissa Zimmet on 11/14/22 8:50 AM

Did you know that about 77 percent of adults in America believe that angels exist? The belief that everyone has a guardian angel is a dogma of the Christian faith, dating even back to the belief of the Jews during the Old and New Testaments.

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