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A pastor named Tim Barnett recently released a short video that takes aim at a popular atheist talking point about Christianity: that Christians can't truly hold to the notion that everything in existence has a creator.

Non-believers' point? If everything has a creator, then God, too, must have been created, as Faithwire reported.

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But Barnett instantly poked holes in this argument, calling atheist proclamations along these lines "a complete misunderstanding of what Christians actually believe."

"No Christian apologist makes that first claim [that everything has a creator]. We don't believe that everything has a creator," he said. "We believe that everything that begins to exist has a cause."

Barnett continued, "That's a fundamental distinction, because if God did not begin to exist then he doesn't need a cause or creator."

Watch the pastor's full response:


What do you think of this debate? Read more about this story here.

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