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What’s the most compelling evidence for Christianity? Some might cite miracles or personal faith journeys, but apologist Sean McDowell believes that the disciples’ bravery is one of the factors that takes center stage when it comes to assessing biblical truth.

“They believed they had seen the risen Jesus and they were willing to put themselves in harm’s way and willing to die to proclaim this message,” he told “The Pure Flix Podcast.” “For which they got no power or they got no material gain … it was because they thought this was true.”

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McDowell, author of “So the Next Generation Will Know: Preparing Young Christians for a Challenging World,” spent three years exploring the disciples’ lives — and deaths — as part of his dissertation, and he walked away mesmerized by their willingness to suffer for truth. 

“That tells me that they’re not liars, they’re not making this up,” he continued. “They were proclaiming a message they really believed and were willing to put their lives [on it].”

Listen to McDowell share why he believes there’s a compelling case for Christianity:

Beyond this, though, McDowell said there’s clearly a “cumulative case” for a creator and for the Christian message.

“The information itself points to an author of life,” he said.

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