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Greg Laurie Inspires With ‘Greatest Christmas Gift’ Imaginable

Greg Laurie, founder of Harvest Crusade and Harvest America and the pastor of Harvest Christian Fellowship in Riverside, California, recently revealed what he believes is the “greatest Christmas gift” imaginable, offering up an inspiring holiday message about hope and redemption.

“No question, my greatest Christmas gift is always Jesus — the gift of eternal life,” he said in a special holiday video released by PureFlix.com. “Hey, that is the gift that keeps on giving, no assembly required, no batteries needed.”

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Watch Laurie’s incredible Christmas message:

The pastor said that he believes Jesus’ gift to humanity becomes more loved and appreciated as people grow older.

“I think, as you get older, the preciousness of the gift of eternal life becomes more important,” he said, noting that the Bible calls it an “unspeakable” and “indescribable” gift.

Laurie also spoke of the importance of humans being able to interact with God.

“We’re not alone in life,” he said. “We can speak to the Lord in the morning, speak to Him in the day, speak to Him when we go to sleep at night.”

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The preacher encouraged people to have a wonderful Christmas with family and not to take loved ones for granted.

Want to see more messages from Laurie? Watch Pastor Laurie’s 21-episode TV series here.

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