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Apologist Ken Ham believes it’s essential for Christians to solidify the Bible as the true foundation of their faith, learning to fully comprehend scriptural truths so that God’s Word can infuse their lives while also equipping them to answer skeptics’ questions and concerns.

Ham, CEO of Answers in Genesis and founder of the Kentucky-based Ark Encounter and Creation Museum, believes it’s important for Christians to be armed with knowledge — and he’s preparing for a major Easter conference aimed at offering believers faith-affirming information.

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“Many Christians aren’t going to be bold for the Christian faith because they don’t have the answers to enable them to defend the Christian faith,” he recently told’s “Pure Talk.”

Watch Ham explain why Christians need to be ready to answer critics’ questions:

Ham is set to host the sponsored Answering Atheist conference this Easter at the Ark Encounter attraction. It’s a conference that promises “four days of solid biblical teaching to equip you to stand confidently on God’s Word.”

With a clash of worldviews currently raging in our culture, Ham is hoping to inspire Christians to think deeper about their faith.

“As a Christian, we start with the Bible to build our worldview,” he said. “If you don’t have the Bible as your foundation, the only other foundation is man’s word, which builds a whole different worldview.”

Ham continued, “We need to be arguing foundationally or you’re not going to get anywhere with [atheists].”

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He said he and his team had never held an Easter conference before; he’s hoping the event will help Christians better prepare to reach atheists.

People across America are invited to attend the conference. You can learn more here.

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