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Sarah Hartland

Sarah Hartland

Sarah Hartland knew she wanted to be a writer from the time she wrote her first short story in the fourth grade. By the time she was in high school, she had written two novellas and countless short stories. It was her love of storytelling that led her into marketing and media.

Sarah freelanced throughout her time at Colorado Christian University, where she graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration. At CCU, Sarah competed in speech and debate across the country, securing multiple awards and a national debate championship. She co-lead CCU's first-ever broadcast media program, CCU.TV, and served as the program's Student Producer during her senior year.

When she's not writing blog posts or editing a video, Sarah loves to swing dance, ski, travel, or visit her seven younger siblings in Montana.

Recent posts by Sarah Hartland

3 min read

God’s Word: 5 Inspiring Christian Daily Devotionals for Women

By Sarah Hartland on 8/10/21 7:00 AM

Many women strive to be consistent in Bible study and prayer, but struggle to find the time. Busy schedules and distractions make it difficult to sit down and focus on a regular basis.

Topics: Prayer Bible Study Devotionals
7 min read

38 Powerful Bible Verses For Overcoming Life’s Struggles

By Sarah Hartland on 2/28/21 7:00 AM

Suffering is an inescapable part of life. We live in a fallen world and are fallen beings — but with God’s help, we can overcome even the worst of what life throws at us. These verses from the books of Psalms, James, Jeremiah and others will encourage you when you need to overcome the trials of life.

You can memorize these verses or print them out and post them around your home. Keeping them at the forefront of your mind is a great way to stay encouraged through all of life’s struggles.

Topics: Christianity Bible Verses
7 min read

15 Bible Verses to Encourage Mothers on Mother’s Day & Beyond

By Sarah Hartland on 2/28/21 7:00 AM

With Mother’s Day fast approaching, pausing to reflect on what God’s Word says about moms is a great exercise. Whether you just want to find a little encouragement for your mom or you need something to put in this year’s card, this list of Mother's Day Bible verses is the perfect overview of what scripture says about the women we all know and love.

Topics: Holidays Bible Verses
6 min read

Teach Your Kids 1 Corinthians 13 With These Christian Love Movies

By Sarah Hartland on 1/5/21 7:00 AM

1 Corinthians 13 is nicknamed the “love chapter” and is often read at weddings, receptions, vow renewals, and anniversaries. It is a description that reminds us love is so much more than romance, and a reminder of what our love toward one another should look like.

Topics: Family Discussion Guides Kids
13 min read

5 Peaceful Night Prayers to End Your Day

By Sarah Hartland on 1/3/21 7:00 AM

The best way to unwind and end your day on a positive, thankful note (no matter the circumstances) is with a night prayer. At the end of a stressful day, if you’re drawing a blank on what to say to God, these peaceful night prayers are a great place to start. With this prayer guide, we picked our favorite bedtime and night prayers to help you enjoy a well-earned rest.

Topics: Christianity Prayer
9 min read

The Best Daily Devotional Apps to Download Now

By Sarah Hartland on 10/12/20 7:00 AM

Thanks to the smartphone in your pocket, it’s easier than ever to take God’s Word with you wherever you go. From daily devotionals to Bible studies and verse memorization, getting closer to God and holding His Word in your heart is just a few clicks away with these iPhone and Android apps.

Topics: Christianity Technology
9 min read

29 Bible Verses About Wives, Marriage and Love

By Sarah Hartland on 8/10/20 3:00 PM

Marriage is an incredible journey ordained by God. Keeping Him at the center of your marriage is important, and that’s why these Bible verses about love, wives, and marriage are crucial to hold dear in your heart. Pray over these Bible verses about love alone or with your spouse to encourage and uplift your life and your marriage. Check out our list, which is sorted by topic — Bible verses about being a good wife, Bible verses about marriage, and Bible verses about love.

Topics: Bible Verses Relationships
3 min read

10 Best Online Prayer Request Groups and Communities

By Sarah Hartland on 6/3/20 9:00 AM

Sometimes it can feel like the Internet is just a gateway to negativity. If you find yourself frustrated with what you see online, seeking out Christian content through technology is a great way to stay positive and keep your walk with Christ active in all parts of your life. These groups across social media and the web are great options to connect with other Christians for prayer and encouragement.

Facebook Prayer Groups

The Encounter Fan Group - #EncounterJesus

Topics: Prayer
8 min read

What Does it Mean to 'Worship' as a Christian?

By Sarah Hartland on 8/23/18 7:00 AM

What does it mean to worship God? As modern Christians, we hear the word “worship” frequently. Your church calls Sunday morning a “worship service,” Christian radio refers to their music as “worship music,” and some people even refer to their time in nature as their personal worship.

Topics: Christianity Prayer Music
4 min read

How To Pick The Right Christian Summer Camp For Your Child

By Sarah Hartland on 6/13/18 7:00 AM

The benefits of sending your child to Christian summer camp are numerous. The memories and friends they’ll make, the spiritual tools they’ll acquire, and the lifelong impact even one week at camp can have are clear. If you went to camp as a child or teen, you probably have fond memories of crazy games, amazing bonfires, and learning how to grow your relationship with God.

Topics: Christianity Parenting
5 min read

Christian Fasting for Beginners

By Sarah Hartland on 5/30/18 10:00 AM

Throughout Scripture, two words are often seen together: prayer and fasting. Though prayer is often discussed in modern churches, fasting receives notably less attention in some circles. When the Bible says, “with prayer and fasting,” what does it mean? Is fasting still relevant today? And if so, how does one actually do it? These questions and others in this “beginner’s guide” to Christian fasting.

Topics: Christianity Prayer
5 min read

Prayers for a Healthy Pregnancy You'll Want to Memorize

By Sarah Hartland on 5/22/18 7:00 AM

Pregnancy is a beautiful and sometimes difficult journey. Trying to conceive or carry a child to term is an important time to lean on God. Historically, the Judeo-Christian tradition has placed a significant emphasis on the blessing of children. It’s no wonder, then, that there are many beautiful prayers for you to offer up whether you’re trying to get pregnant or already are.

Topics: Prayer Devotionals
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