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Billy Hallowell

Billy Hallowell

Billy Hallowell has been working in journalism and media for more than a decade. His writings have appeared in Deseret News, TheBlaze, Human Events, Mediaite and on, among other outlets. Hallowell has a B.A. in journalism and broadcasting from the College of Mount Saint Vincent in Riverdale, New York and an M.S. in social research from Hunter College in Manhattan, New York.

Recent posts by Billy Hallowell

5 min read

How to Forgive: Essential Lessons of Forgiveness From the Bible

By Billy Hallowell on 7/25/22 4:00 AM

The Bible is filled with scriptures that teach us how to forgive a person who has wronged us, how to ask God for forgiveness and how to journey through the pain we sometimes experience in life. In addition to these forgiveness scripture passages that guide us, there are also numerous stories that show us how well-known Bible figures came to forgiveness in their own lives.

Topics: Christianity Bible Verses
5 min read

5 Men Who Are Bible Superheroes With Incredible Strength

By Billy Hallowell on 6/15/22 6:52 AM

There are men and women in the Bible who are truly heroic. Some have physical strength, others have mental strength — and still other heroes in the Bible have God-ordained wisdom. So, this article dives into just a few of the Bible heroes worthy of exploration.

Topics: Bible Study Bible Story
7 min read

17 Inspiring Bible Verses For Father's Day To Celebrate Dads

By Billy Hallowell on 6/13/22 4:00 AM

The Bible is filled with verses that provide guidance to fathers as they seek to offer encouragement, leadership and love to their families.

Topics: Holidays Bible Verses
5 min read

10 Comforting Bible Verses About Sadness

By Billy Hallowell on 5/31/22 12:00 AM

Sadness can sometimes feel overpowering in our lives, with various events and happenings throwing us off course and leaving us in need of encouragement. You might be asking yourself "what is a Bible verse for comfort?" or "what does God say about difficult times?"

Topics: Bible Verses
5 min read

Prayers For Strength in Spiritual Warfare

By Billy Hallowell on 5/23/22 4:00 AM

The Bible makes it clear that Christians are to put on the "armor of God" for protection against evil — but what does this really mean? Part of exploring and explaining these scriptural references in Ephesians 6 revolves around understanding the meaning of these biblical references as well as spiritual warfare prayers.

Topics: Christianity
5 min read

10 Powerful and Life-Changing Bible Verses for Graduates

By Billy Hallowell on 5/16/22 3:00 AM

Graduating high school and college is a significant achievement — one that sends young people into totally new phases of life. With that in mind, there are many graduation Bible verses worth sharing. These Bible verses for graduates offer advice, guidance and reminders that can help graduates focus on what matters most: their faith and reliance in God.


7 min read

The 9 Christian Values That Change Lives

By Billy Hallowell on 5/9/22 4:00 AM

Jesus makes it clear in the Bible that the two most essential commandments are to love God and love others. These Christian values are at the center of the New Testament and serve as a general guide for how Christians should live and behave. But beyond these general parameters, Paul writes in Galatians about nine additional Judeo Christian values worth exploring.

Topics: Bible Verses
10 min read

Mother’s Day Inspiration from Mothers of the Bible

By Billy Hallowell on 5/2/22 3:15 AM

Motherhood is one of the most essential roles in human history. As we honor moms, it’s important to remember that they fulfill a divine role when it comes to shaping children and teaching them about the holy spirit, the Bible and God’s work in our lives.

Topics: Bible Study Bible Story
5 min read

5 Encouraging Prayers for Mothers

By Billy Hallowell on 4/25/22 6:00 AM

Mothers serve one of the most essential roles in all of human culture — and this has been the case throughout human history. From Eve, humanity’s first mom, down the line, there are powerful examples of motherhood that should inspire us all.

Topics: Holidays
5 min read

Columbine Shooting Anniversary: Faith, Forgiveness, and Hope

By Billy Hallowell on 4/18/22 4:30 AM

Americans were left shocked and horrified after two students entered Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado, on April 20, 1999, and gunned down 12 of their fellow students and one teacher before turning their weapons on themselves.

Topics: Inspiration Pure Flix Original
5 min read

What Happened on Good Friday? A Look at Jesus' Death and Resurrection

By Billy Hallowell on 4/13/22 4:15 AM

Good Friday is one of the most revered holidays in the Christian calendar, as it represents the day Jesus was crucified — an event described in detail in the gospels.

Topics: Christianity Easter
6 min read

Palm Sunday Scriptures: Inside the Pivotal Biblical Story

By Billy Hallowell on 4/8/22 4:30 AM

Palm Sunday scriptures give us a lens into one of the most important events preceding Jesus' death and resurrection. In 2022, Palm Sunday is on April 10 with the holy day always falling on the Sunday before Easter.

Topics: Easter
7 min read

5 Powerful Bible Verses About Jesus’ Resurrection and Easter

By Billy Hallowell on 4/6/22 4:30 AM

The Easter story is the centerpiece of the Christian faith — one that offers faith, hope and redemption to humanity. It is the story of Jesus Christ’s willing sacrifice on the cross to save the sins of every man, woman and child who has and who will ever live.

Topics: Bible Verses
2 min read

6 Bible Verses That Will Inspire You to Live a More Fearless Faith

By Billy Hallowell on 3/22/22 4:00 AM

It can sometimes feel insurmountable in the modern era to foster a Christian worldview and a more fearless faith. But despite the distractions and difficulties, there are some practical steps you can take to build — and grow — a biblical perspective for you and your family.

Topics: Discussion Guides Movie Guide
3 min read

3 Ways to Spiritually Refresh & Reset This Spring

By Billy Hallowell on 3/16/22 4:30 AM

Millions of Americans start each year with a fresh perspective. But as the year goes on, more and more people find themselves forgetting the "new you" they set out to embrace and fall back into old habits. Here are some ways to spiritually refresh and reset this spring.

Topics: Bible Verses Inspiration Devotionals
6 min read

A St. Patrick’s Prayer: 5 Powerful Lessons About God

By Billy Hallowell on 3/14/22 4:00 AM

St. Patrick’s Day is a widely observed celebration, though secular society has transformed the ways in which it is commemorated. While the real meaning of the day is often forgotten in pop culture, it’s important to go back to the roots of what it’s really about: the remembrance of St. Patrick, a man credited with following God’s call and helping bolster the Christian faith in Ireland.

Topics: Christianity
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