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Are you looking for ways to deepen your faith? With the New Year upon us, what better time to think deeper about your Christian walk, while assessing new steps you can take to pray more intensely, read the Bible more often and live out God’s call on your life more vibrantly? If you’re looking for guidance, consider some of the TV series currently available on

These titles will inspire you to think deeper about spiritual matters:

“Biblical Parenting”

“Biblical Parenting” is a must-see series about raising children with a Biblical worldview in today's increasingly secular world. This is a great title for anyone looking for some parenting help in the New Year.

Watch “Biblical Parenting”

“The Well at New Covenant”

Come as you are, and you won't leave the same! Check out this series today if you’re looking for revival. With a focus on God’s Word, this series promises to provide perspective “under the direction of the Holy Spirit.”

Watch “The Well at New Covenant”

“Greg Laurie TV”

Greg Laurie TV | Pure Flix

Greg Laurie, the pastor of one of America's largest churches, delivers powerful, insightful messages about what it means to walk with Christ in today's world. Laurie will inspire you, while helping you think deeper about spiritual matters.

Watch “Greg Laurie TV”

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“Somebody Loves You”

Looking for some inspiration? Dive into scripture with Raul Ries and be reassured that somebody loves you.

Watch “Somebody Loves You”


“Heaven” offers real life stories intertwined with never-before-seen footage of the late Billy Graham talking about heaven.

Watch “Heaven”

“New Season with Samuel Rodriguez”

Samuel Rodriguez | Pure Flix

“New Season with Pastor Sam” will usher in a new season, where individuals and families will no longer live in failure or merely survive, but they will thrive for the glory of Jesus. If you’re looking for this in your own life, this is the series for you.

Watch “New Season with Samuel Rodriguez”

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“Courage, Character, and Commitment”

This series offers real-world advice on overcoming life's obstacles. Focusing on these 3 C's — courage, character, and commitment” — will bring you closer to Christ.

Watch “Courage, Character, and Commitment”

BONUS: For more inspiration, check out “Godwinks at Pureflix.” Godwinks are messages of hope to help wipe away worry. Watch the inspirational episodes here.

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