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5 Ways to Get Closer to God

By Billy Hallowell on 7/30/19 9:00 AM

Topics: Christianity

Summer offers a unique opportunity to spend more time outdoors, to be more active and find quiet moments of reflection. As the season kicks into high gear, consider how to get closer to God. With vacation time, increased physical activity and other elements at play, getting closer to God can be quite easy. 

Here are five tips that can help you and your family learn how to grow closer to God this summer:

Make Quiet Time Essential

First and foremost: If you’re looking for how to get closer to God, make quiet time essential. In our era of tech addiction, many of us wake up and immediately grab our phones to check news, weather and social media. 

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But what if we made the decision to first head over to the Bible app before anything else?

Consider making an effort this summer to make quiet time — scripture reading and prayer — a priority after waking up. This helps get your heart and mind set on the course for the coming day, and it prepares you to seek God’s guidance along the way.

Getting Closer to God: Tweak What You’re Consuming 

One of the areas we sometimes overlook when it comes to getting closer to God is our general entertainment choices. What types of music, TV and movies are you listening to and watching? Are you allowing negative messages in entertainment and media to crowd out or cloud biblical truth?

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One of the best ways to get closer to God this summer is to make a concerted effort to listen to Christian music and to watch good, solid and clean entertainment. has you covered, with thousands of faith and family-friendly movies and TV shows available to stream today. Plus, there’s a free 30-day trial, so you can test drive the extensive library for yourself.

Learn how to grow closer to God with ministry content, sermons and simply inspiring movies and TV shows. There’s no shortage of content!


How to Grow Closer to God: Get Spiritually and Physically Active

Warmer summer weather generally comes with more opportunities to be outdoors. So, with that in mind, why not find ways to mix your increased physical activity with your faith?

Make an effort to pursue getting closer to God by planning more walks, hikes, bike rides and other activities. Then, mix in prayers and listen to sermons when you’re able. 

By carving out prayer and devotional time during workouts, you’re able to help improve both your physical and spiritual health, while exploring how to get closer to God. It’s a great way to build good spiritual and physical health and bask in the glory that God has created for us to enjoy.

Grow Closer to God by Doing Evening Bible Studies Outdoors

Whether you do a Bible study around the firepit, on the front porch or on a blanket on the lawn, consider launching an evening devotional study with the whole family this summer. Gather together to read and discuss the scriptures. 

Make it a fun and engaging experience for the whole family. Even if you can’t do it outdoors, be sure to end each and every day by pointing kids back to gospel truths. If you’re looking for how to get closer to God, start with your own walk and Bible studies — but remember the importance of instilling these values in your children as well.

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Seek Ways to Give Back to Help You Grow Closer to God

Finally, consider looking for ways to express your love for others. Whether it’s volunteering at a soup kitchen, helping an elderly neighbor with his or her lawn or simply making an effort to hold the door for others, look for ways to consistently and routinely show Christ’s love this summer.

Getting closer to God means learning more about His character. And His character is one of intense love and devotion for his creation. Let’s replicate that for those around us, and let’s encourage our children and family members to do the same. 

Learn more about how to get closer to God here.

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