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12 min read
Interview With 'War Room' Star Karen Abercrombie

Actress Karen Abercrombie stunned audiences across the world when she starred in the 2015 hit film...

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16 min read
Interview with Kevin Sorbo on the 'Science of God'

Actor Kevin Sorbo is on a mission to prove that science and religion go hand-in-hand, with Sorbo...

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28 min read
Pastor Anthony Thompson Shares How He Forgave His Wife's Shooter

Pastor Anthony Thompson talks about how he forgave the shooter who killed his wife, Myra, at...

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27 min read
Will Graham Discusses His Legacy and 'Proof of God'

The Pure Flix Podcast interviews Pastor Reverend Billy Graham's grandson Will Graham about the...

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22 min read
The Real Story Behind Chick-fil-A With Trudy Cathy White

One of the America's most loved fast food chain is without a doubt Chick-fil-A. They are known for...

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14 min read
Josh McDowell's Big Warning About COVID19 Interview

Famed evangelist Josh McDowell is worried about the impact COVID19 is having on an already...

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24 min read
Jeff Allen Shares How He Embraced God

Comedian Jeff Allen who once struggled with drugs and alcohol shares his personal life story of how...

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27 min read
David Curry Discusses Christian Persecution

Millions of people across the planet fear for their lives every single day because of being a...

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19 min read
Mike Rowe and His Mother Peggy Discuss Fame and Faith

Billy Hallowell sits down with Mike Rowe and his mother Peggy to talk about fame and faith in an...

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13 min read
'Why I Need Jesus': Candace Cameron Bure's Prayer Changed Everything

Actress Candace Cameron Bure is a Christian who passionately spoke about her faith in Jesus, her...

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