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Woodlawn's Real Tony Nathan Speaks on Race & Giving It All to God

It wasn’t until 1971 that Birmingham’s Woodlawn High School finally desegregated. While many students, teachers and faculty did not welcome the transition, the football team was the first to reconcile their differences. This short interview from CBN’s The 700 Club features Tony Nathan or “Touchdown Tony,” who was only a freshman when Woodlawn desegregated. Nathan was on the football team and was not only instrumental in the team’s success on the field, but also one of the first to practice peace in an environment inundated with racism. By their example, the Woodlawn football team generated a change in their school and eventually in the whole city of Birmingham. These incredible events inspired the movie, “Woodlawn,” starring Caleb Castille, Sean Astin, and Nic Bishop.

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Now in 2016, with acts of racism still occurring in our country, the story of Woodlawn remains a beacon of hope. In this short video interview, the real Tony Nathan recounts his experience of living in Birmingham in 1971 and the challenges he’d face for no other reason than the color of his skin. Listen to Nathan discuss the day everything changed when one man challenged the team to accept Jesus Christ, saying “Make a commitment to him, and He’ll make a commitment to you.”

Video Source: "Touchdown Tony" Has Solution Reconcile Divided People

“Woodlawn” the movie is available to stream at PureFlix.com. You can watch “Woodlawn” and thousands of other family-friendly and Christian movies for free when you sign up for a free-month trial. You won’t want to miss “Woodlawn” a great among Christian movies. The story of Tony Nathan will inspire you to have faith in God’s plan for you. Or as the real Tony Nathan says, “if you believe in the game plan that somebody gives you to execute- having faith in Jesus Christ is the same. It’s a game plan - His game plan. You just gotta have faith and walk with it.”

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