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Ben Affleck Gets Candid on Most 'Beautiful' Thing About Christianity

By Billy Hallowell on Mar 10, 2020 8:06:39 AM

Oscar-winner Ben Affleck recently got candid about his faith journey, his beliefs on forgiveness and the biblical sentiments he finds "beautiful." 

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Singer Justin Bieber Breaks Down Jesus' 'Free Gift' For Us All

By Billy Hallowell on Feb 18, 2020 9:33:31 AM

Singer Justin Bieber recently offered a powerful message about his Christian faith, telling Apple Music host Zane Lowe that he isn't "trying to earn God's love" with acts of goodness — and that Jesus has given every person a "free gift."

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This Actor Is a Skeptic — but Here's Why He's Defending Christianity

By Billy Hallowell on Feb 11, 2020 9:41:32 AM

Actor John Rhys-Davies, who describes himself as a "skeptic," recently defended Christianity and argued that the faith system has helped make the world a "better place." 

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Singer Jessica Simpson Belts Out 'Amazing Grace' During TV Interview

By Billy Hallowell on Feb 4, 2020 8:21:13 AM

Pop star Jessica Simpson broke out into a beautiful rendition of "Amazing Grace" during a recent interview on "TODAY," noting that the powerful hymn is about "walking through fear."

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