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As we continue to track the ongoing culture war against prayer in schools, specifically the story we've been following regarding "Coach Joe" praying after football games, the conversation heats up on "The View" this week.

Check out this clip from the show that had the audience applauding Candace Cameron Bure's taking a stance for prayer in America's public schools. As reported on The Blaze report this week, Bure lit the fuse with her position stating

“The separation of church and state does not mean that we cannot pray publicly,” Bure said. “It actually guarantees our free exercise of religion so that if it is voluntary, we are allowed to pray wherever we would like to.”

The Blaze continued..."Raven-Symone immediately confronted Bure, asking, “So why did they take prayer out of the beginning of school and now it’s just silence?”

“I don’t know, I wish they wouldn’t have,” Bure shot back.

“But that’s not fair to somebody who doesn’t pray,” Raven-Symone added.

“You don’t have to — it’s voluntary,” Bure said.

“If people would actually put more effort into prayer than to fight prayer, you would see a whole difference in this country to see that power of prayer.”

Bure went on to praise the football coach for taking a stand for prayer and said schools need to hire “more men like this who are willing to pray for our students, for our athletes, for protection, for safety.” Read Full Story.

FindingNormalWay to go Candace (who plays Dr. Lisa Leland in "Finding Normal" - Streaming Now On Pure Flix - Watch It Online Here). And, a special shout-out to Sherrie Shepherd who also defends our constitutional right to exercise our right to pray in schools. It's no coincidence that Sherrie plays a phenomenal role in the recently released Pure Flix film, Woodlawn, now playing in theaters, which is powerful true story that illustrates the power of God and the Holy Spirit working through His saints during the dark days of racial segregation in the 70's. Check out the trailer, Find Theaters & Show Times Near You. Click Here.

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