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Mass media and much of the entertainment industry today are flooded with violence, sexuality, and inappropriate language. Home entertainment can be challenging; allowing children free reign of the remote control on standard cable or satellite could be exposing them to programs and commercials that could do lasting damage.

Parents have worried about how violent content could affect their kids since the creation of television. Teachers, mental health professionals, and legislators were also concerned, and rightly so. Throughout the 1960s, Psychologist Albert Bandura conducted various studies on social learning and how children imitate what they see. His Bobo doll experiments and testimony on the effects of televised violence paved the way for further research.

The Negative Effects of Inappropriate Entertainment

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It is clear that television can be a powerful force in helping children shape their value systems. In 1969, the Scientific Advisory Committee on Television and Social Behavior was created to assess how violence affects viewers’ behaviors, attitudes, and values. A report was released, highlighting the following effects of television violence on children:

  • They may become less empathetic to others’ suffering
  • They may be more frightened of the world
  • They may be more likely to act aggressively or harm others

Further, reputable scientific studies have found that childhood exposure to violence on TV can lead to aggression in adulthood. Children and adolescents can become numb to violence with constant exposure. Eventually, they can begin to accept violence as a way to solve problems. Children can learn to identify with certain characters in programs that depict violence, which can lead to the normalization of violent and aggressive behaviors.

A Consistent Source of Clean Content for Your Family

Children deserve better, and a positive experience with wholesome, clean content will serve them well. Parents and children can enjoy quality time together during screen time, and it can be an excellent bonding experience. Watching wholesome programs together can strengthen familial bonds, provoke enlightening conversations, and provide a fun source of relaxation.

Clean entertainment can also provide a wholesome and engaging source of education. It’s easy to make learning fun with the right content and, when learning is fun, children typically absorb more of the information. Whether you are a homeschooling mom or just want to offer some extra learning at home, video is a great way to teach tough subjects.

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Often, children take learning into their own hands using the Internet. While their intentions are pure, they are still at risk for coming upon inappropriate content. Rest easy and take control of your child’s education by offering them their own hub of clean content that is both educational and fun. offers clean content all year long, offering trusted, family-friendly video-streaming services. From cartoons to documentaries to TV shows and movies, find a wholesome viewing experience for the entire family. Try a free month!

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