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Don Lemon, one of CNN’s news anchors, is crediting a downloaded sermon from Bishop T.D. Jakes for changing his life.

Lemon recently wrote about how one of Jakes’ sermons helped him get through one of the most difficult periods in his life before he came to CNN in a post entitled, “The Person Who Changed My Life is Someone I Had Never Even Met.”Read the post

One day in Chicago—where he was struggling with a frustrating, unfulfilling job--he downloaded a sermon entitled “You Don’t Have To Believe In My Dream" from Bishop Jakes.

“While I was dealing with my work and life crisis, I would run every single day. As I logged mile after mile in heat waves, driving rain or snowstorms, I would listen to that same sermon on ‘dreams’ over and over and over again, “ Lemon writes. “The central tenet to Jakes' sermon was from the Bible, Romans 3:3-23, which reads, "For what if some did not believe? Shall their unbelief make the faith of God without effect? God forbid: yea, let God be true, but every man a liar."

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Lemon adds, "People not believing in my dream had been a recurring reality in my life. So, it was as if Bishop Jakes was speaking directly to my circumstances and me when he told members of his congregation and everyone listening to turn to the person next to them and say, 'Hey neighbor, you don't have to believe in my dream.' "

It was a turning point for Lemon. Even though he had never met or spoken with Bishop Jakes, his words had the power to change his life. As long as Lemon believed in himself and turned his faith into action, well, that was good enough for him. Good fortune soon followed.


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Years later at CNN, Lemon got the chance to speak with Bishop Jakes in person.

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“He had no idea that, in large part, the reason I had achieved the success that I had was because of him. He had no idea -- until now.”

Upon learning of Lemon’s revelation, Bishop Jakes simply responded: “To know that I am helping you gives my life meaning…”

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