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Updated on May 31, 2016 by Dave Migdal Dave Migdal

Pure Flix Digital CEO Featured on “Lightbulb Moment”

Greg Gudorf, the CEO of Pure Flix Digital and one of the driving forces behind PureFlix.com, is currently being featured on “Lightbulb Moment”, a podcast and radio show out of the San Francisco area.

Greg recently spoke with show co-hosts Jason Hanson and Adams Tegler about how small business owners can break through by becoming “intrapreneurs” and starting new business inside existing businesses. Greg’s not only accomplished that at Pure Flix—he helped create the streaming video on demand platform you’re enjoying now—but also at Sony Electronics and Technicolor.

In terms of finding out if there was a need for PureFlix.com within Pure Flix Entertainment, Greg distilled the process down to simple terms on the show: “You suspect it…you listen [to consumers] and you respond.” His instincts are proving to be correct; PureFlix.com continues to grow, thanks to consumers interested in providing the best in faith-based entertainment for their families.

Here’s links to find the podcast, Why your company NEEDS Intrapreneurs with Greg Gudorf, on The Light Digital, iTunes and Sticher:

Listen to Podcast

The show aired for the first time this Saturday at 11:30 A.M. (PDT) on KDIA 1640AM and be repeated throughout the week. The Christian radio station—which also live streams its shows—has a coverage area including all of California’s Bay Area and Sacramento.

Greg talks about a myriad of small business topics on the show, including:

  • The thinking behind creating a Minimum Viable Product (or “MVP”)
  • How he knew there was a need for a streaming video service at Pure Flix
  • Why to always focus on the metrics and religiously follow them day to day
  • How handle the challenges associated with a family-owned business
  • The reasons to not fear innovation

Speaking of innovation, he noted there’s every reason to face it with strength, not trepidation. Throughout our lives, he said,

“Everything we do…we’re innovating, we’re learning, we’re growing.

We hope you enjoy the segment on “Lightbulb Moment” and Greg’s insights. We’ll continue to share media coverage featuring Pure Flix and its leaders on an ongoing basis.

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