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Daytona 500 winner Michael McDowell immediately praised God in the wake of his big victory on Sunday.

McDowell, an outspoken Christian, was elated as he stepped out of his vehicle and openly expressed gratitude, Faithwire reported.

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“I just can’t believe it. I’ve just got to thank God," he said. "So many years just grinding it out and hoping for an opportunity like this. ... I’m so thankful, such a great way to get a first victory."

McDowell excitedly added, "God is good."


McDowell has long spoken out about his faith, telling CBN in a past interview that being a race car driver is a vocation that he believes God provided — but that his identity is in something bigger.

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"My identity is in Christ," he said. "So when people ask me, ‘Who am I?’, I’m a follower of Christ, and that’s it!"

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