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Rapper Kanye West is continuing to promote his gospel-themed music on the new "Jesus Is King" album, releasing a music video on Thanksgiving Day for his single, "Closed On Sunday."

The video already has nearly 9 million views (and counting), and it features his wife, Kim Kardashian, the couple's children and other familiar faces.

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"Stand up for my home even if I take this walk alone," West raps in the song. "My life is His — I'm no longer my own."

Watch the "Closed on Sunday" music video below:

West's spiritual journey has sparked a plethora of media attention in recent months, with the rapper launching "Sunday Service" events at churches across America.

Pastor Adam Tyson, a preacher who has been working with West, recently took Pure Flix behind-the-scenes to learn more about the rapper's faith journey. Listen to Tyson reveal the details:

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