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Pop star Justin Bieber appears to be moving deeper into his Christian faith, as the singer posted a number of messages to Instagram this past week about his personal quest to love God and others more deeply.

His most recent social media proclamation? "Jesus is our hope."


“My desire is to be slow to speak and quick to listen. My desire is to see people the way God sees people," Bieber said in an Instagram Story, according to The Christian Post. "My desire is to love people the way God loves people. My desire is to have compassion for those who are hurting."

And he wasn't done there. The singer added that he wants to "encourage the broken" and use his own past to help those who are currently "seeking truth." 

Bieber also put a post on his Instagram feed that expressed his desire to grow in some important areas, including: "patience, kindness, compassion, empathy, courage, boldness, honor, respect [and] consideration."


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Jesus is the answer to our shame, guilt, condemnation, jealousy, bitterness, unforgiveness, selfishness the list goes on.. Jesus came to bring healing! I don’t know what idea of Jesus you have but Jesus came to save us. He came to sacrifice himself on the cross so that you and I could have a way out. Jesus took the punishment of our wrongs so that we can walk with God with no insecurities or shame. So we can walk in the FULLNESS OF ALL THAT GOD HAS FOR US!! God has a full extraordinary life for you. Do you trust God enough to let go of some things? (greed, bitterness, unforgiveness etc) give it to God he welcomes us with open arms and he isn’t surprised by our mess. My hope is in a person and his name is Jesus

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As The Pure Flix Insider previously reported, Bieber has been on a long journey to dive deeper into his faith. The singer has openly inspired people with the gospel, sharing his own story in the process.

"The way I look at my relationship with God and with Jesus is, I’m not trying to earn God’s love by doing good things," Bieber told Apple Music host Zane Lowe last year. "God has already loved me for who I am, before I did anything to earn and deserve it. It’s a free gift by accepting Jesus, and just giving your life to Him."

Let's pray Bieber continues on that journey! 

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