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The “celebrity evangelist” is at it again. Pastor Dylan Novak, who has made it his mission to share the love of Christ in this oft-forgotten field, recently had the chance to evangelize to “Halloween” director John Carpenter.

Carpenter admitted in a 1998 interview that he was an atheist, but respected other people’s beliefs.

“I have a great fascination with this issue — over God and whether there is one or not,” he said. “I come to (my belief) personally for my own reasons and my own decisions. But I respect anybody who believes anything, I don’t have the ultimate answers about anything.”

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For Novak, this was the opening he needed to introduce Carpenter to Christ.

“I brought up the interview from above, which he said was where he still stood spiritually,” Novak explained in a Facebook post about his recent encounter with Carpenter at an autograph signing event. “I told him the reason we came to meet him was to bring facts and evidence about the issue of God so that he had historical and scientific evidence to research.”


The evidence Novak was referring to were three books by Lee Strobel, “The Case for a Creator,” “The Case for Christ,” and “The Case for Faith.” Strobel is a former atheist who went on a mission to disprove Christianity and instead discovered his Savior.


Novak said that Carpenter, who is most known for his work in the horror genre, was “receptive” of the books as well as some tracts and a personalized letter. He concluded his post asking his followers to join in “praying that Mr. Carpenter accepts the truth of Jesus before it is eternally too late.”

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