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Apparently, not all inspirational quotes are considered inspired by certain schools these days. A charter school in Las Vegas told a sixth-grade student that she could not use John 3:16 as her quote of choice in an assignment that required an inspirational message.Fortunately, after her parents alerted Liberty Institute about the issue, the legal organization dedicated to defending and restoring religious liberty in America was able to remedy the situation, including garnering a formal apology to the girl and her family.

According to the story on the Liberty Institute website:

"Students have a constitutional right to express their beliefs in class assignments," says Jeremy Dys, Liberty Institute Senior Counsel. "Banning students from expressing their religious beliefs in class assignments teaches students that religion is bad. When school officials violate the civil rights of religious students, they must apologize and reaffirm the right of their students to express their faith in school assignments."

In an opinion piece on, Todd Starnes put the wayward ways of the Department of Education into focus:

"A few weeks ago the Department of Education threatened to withhold funding for any public school that did not protect the rights of transgender students. I believe schools should be held to the same standard for religious students."

God's not dead, but He's surely not welcome in many schools!

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