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Ever since starring in “God’s Not Dead” back in 2014, actor Dean Cain has been a staple in the faith film industry.

His latest, “ No Vacancy,” is based on a true story of Good Samaritan Inn in Leesburg, Florida, a transitional housing facility for homeless children and their parents or caregivers that was founded by a church.


According to the film’s website, the story follows a “jaded reporter demoted to a rural news bureau who finds her cynicism slowly transformed as she befriends a recovering addict and writes about a church struggling to purchase a motel for homeless families.”

And while it’s not surprising for the longtime Christian to enjoy making films that inspire, there’s more to it than that. Cain believes that these movies open the door for God to work in people’s lives and hearts.

“If it changes one person's heart, 10 people's heart, or reaffirms something or maybe opens somebody's eyes, then it's worth it,” Cain explained in a recent interview.

In fact, one of those hearts Cain hoped to inspire back when he started making these types of films was his own son’s.

"That's one of the reasons I started doing [faith films] when my son was born,” Cain said. “Then [when he] got a little bit older, and was able to come on set with me and see things or watch my films, [he was] able to take away a positive, uplifting message."

For his part, Cain was definitely inspired while shooting “No Vacancy” at Good Samaritan Inn in Leesburg, and seeing the impact the place has had in the lives of real families.


"So you see lots of these folks walking around, and you talk to them, and you realize how they've been helped and what they've done,” Cain said.

"To see the whole community come together to support [the Good Samaritan Inn], it's the kind of thing that you can't even put into words," he added. "And the community did come together and did something completely wonderful.”

With the May 9th premiere of “No Vacancy” just around the corner, be praying that this story will inspire others the way it has Cain. After all, it’s not just box office dollars at stake - it’s hearts.

Photo Credit: Instagram

H/T: Christian Post

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