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Every year around this time, people take the time to share their Christmas wishes and prayers with friends, family and their congregations. Well, the Pure Flix Family wanted to join in this year and share its Christmas wishes with you...our extended family.

Christmas Prayer

Chances are, we share many of the same hopes, dreams and prayers as you and your family. We make this assumption based on the fact that as a Pure Flix supporter, you're seeking many of the same things for your family as we want for ours...clean, wholesome, faith-based entertainment that is a welcome alternative to the Hollywood fare that's becoming far too pervasive.

 We love streaming Christian movies as much as we hope you enjoy watching them!

You'll notice in a couple of the comments that there's a wish for Christmas to remain a holy holiday and not be reduced to a day that's marked with the false trappings of a generic holiday.

MichaelAs Pure Flix CEO Michael Scott said, "At Pure Flix, we wish all the people that walk through our doors a 'Merry Christmas', not just 'Happy Holidays'. My Christmas wish is for all of us to not forget why we celebrate Christmas."

To us, Christmas is about celebrating the birth of Christ with our families and friends with both reverence and joy.

Here's what some of the other members of the Pure Flix Family had to say when they were asked what they were wishing for this Christmas:

BrittanyBrittany Lefebvre, Director of Production: "I’m blessed to be sponsoring children in Bangladesh this year, and my wish is for people to remember that the more we share our generosity, the more opportunities we have to spread the gospel. I understand everyone is different in terms of what they are able to share, but I'm convinced you get back so much more when you give."

CharlesCharles Coleman, Customer Service Representative: “Out of the all things I'm thinking about this Christmas season, I’m wishing for family togetherness and happiness this Christmas. I wish that my dad’s side of the family (most of whom live in the in the New York/New Jersey area) could join us in California for Christmas.”

ShawnShawn Boskie, Vice President of Investor Relations: "It's difficult to narrow your Christmas wishes into one specific thought, but if I had to choose one for this Christmas, it would be having my kids and family find the true meaning of the holiday amid all the chaos of the season. We should always strive to keep the meaning of the holiday in our hearts."

ElizabethElizabeth Godfrey, Receptionist: "My Christmas wish is to have my sister who’s in the Coast Guard [stationed in Miami] keep herself and all of those around her safe and hopefully get some time off for the holiday to relax, enjoy herself and hopefully connect with her family that misses her, especially around this time of year."

TrishaTrisha Toenjes, Executive Assistant: "I’m wishing for my family to have a truly blessed Christmas. This past year provided us with many challenges, so I pray for them going into the new year that their spirits will be lifted and restored."

PancarikBrian Pancarik, Vice President Operations & Support: “There are so many things that I have been blessed with and am thankful for this year, but my Christmas wish is to bless those around me in the next year as much as God has blessed me this year…Joining Pure Flix in mid-2015 [after a career at Sony Electronics] has been extremely fulfilling to me both spiritually and professionally.”

And while he doesn't work with Pure Flix, we also wanted to share a Christmas wish from Rev. C.H. Spurgeon, who delivered these words to his congregation at the Royal Surrey Gardens in England in 1856: "I wish there were twenty Christmas days in the year...I love it as a family institution...the great Sabbath of the year, when the plough rests in its furrow, when the din of business is hushed, when the mechanic and the working man go out to refresh themselves upon the green award of the glad earth."

We hope you enjoyed hearing from some of the Pure Flix Family about their Christmas wishes. Some of them have to do with real-world issues; others have to do with simply sharing their blessings and sharing their good fortune. Here's hoping all your Christmas wishes are realized.

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