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Many Christians look skeptically at Hollywood, wondering how a faithful Christian fares in such a secular field, but actress Candace Cameron Bure recently offered some powerful words about her industry — and a call to Christians.

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The "Fuller House" and "Finding Normal" star said in a recent sit-down with "The Lucas Miles Show" that she is living proof that it's more-than-possible to be a Christian in Hollywood.

"You absolutely can be a believer in the entertainment industry and you can live a faithful life and have a huge impact," Bure said, going on to note that Hollywood needs more Christians to come into the ranks. "We need more people in the entertainment industry."

Watch Bure speak about Christians in Hollywood at the 37:00-mark:

The actress said that she has encountered more Christians in Tinseltown than she thought she would, though not everyone is as open and outspoken as she has been.

In the end, though, Bure sees Hollywood like any other industry, and she offered a stirring reminder for Christians regardless of the industry they work in. 

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“I honestly don’t see the entertainment industry being any different than any other line of work … as a Christian, you should do your job with excellence," she said, noting that the fruit of the spirit should be our guide. "You should carry yourself with Christian character, always. You should honor whatever you're doing."

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