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5 Reasons You'll Love 'Pure Comedy'

By Sarah Hartland on Dec 12, 2018 9:00:00 AM

Topics: Comedy

Get ready to laugh, because is releasing another comedy series that will have your whole family in stitches. “Pure Comedy” is hitting Facebook Watch this month. Hosted by Mark Christopher Lawrence, the show brings you an exciting collaboration between new and veteran comedians. We know your whole family will love “Pure Comedy.” Here’s why:

1. It’s Clean

There’s nothing worse than having to turn off an otherwise funny program because of bad language or uncouth humor. is committed to keeping all of our content free of language, violence and sex, and “Pure Comedy” is no exception. So rest assured, even little eyes and ears can enjoy the show.

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2. Mark Christopher Lawrence

Don’t let his long Hollywood career fool you: Mark Christopher Lawrence is as down-to-earth as he is hilarious. You may recognize him from “Malibu Dan the Family Man” or “The Encounter,” but after “Pure Comedy,” his comedic antics will be even more familiar to your whole family.

Watch the first episode of “Pure Comedy” with Mocha Rose:

3. New Comics

New name comedians Rose and JJ Barrows are sure to gain popularity due to their hilarious performances and real-life hijinks in “Pure Comedy.” This show is a great way to get to know not only veteran comedians (like Lawrence and Tony Calabrese) but new stand-up comedians as well.

Lawrence told Pure Flix Insider: “Pure Comedy is basically a one on one with clean comedians. I usually meet them in a location that has something to do with their act, and then we do some funny stuff while we're there...I think the interviews are going to make you want to be fans of  [the comedians]."

4. Free to Watch & Share

“Pure Comedy" airs on Facebook Watch, which means it’s free to watch and share with your friends! And, when season one ends, you can find loads of stand-up comedy, funny movies and more in the Christian Comedy Movie Guide. Pure Comedy | Pure Flix

5. Strong Faith Elements

Most comedians avoid talking positively about faith or even disparage it as a cheap way to get laughs. Not on “Pure Comedy.”

Several of the featured comedians, including Mocha Rose, JJ Barrows, Scott Wood, and host Lawrence, are outspoken Christians. This makes sharing “Pure Comedy” a great way to witness to your friends while also sharing some great laughs.

“Faith just plays into my everyday life. I'm at a point where I've made mistakes. I'm not a perfect Christian by any stretch of the imagination,” Lawrence told Pure Flix Insider. “This business will break you. It will break your spirit, it will break your heart, it will break your soul if you allow it to, so I cling to faith."

You can catch “Pure Comedy” on Facebook Watch.

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