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Need an Online Church Service? Stream These 6 Pastors Now!

By Billy Hallowell on June 23, 2020

Are you looking for online church content? Well, look no further: Pure Flix has online church services and powerful Christian videos from some of your favorite pastors.

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Jane Austen meets Modern Day in ‘Austentatious’ Series

By Greg Gudorf on March 30, 2018

In a 2002 BBC poll, the British public voted author Jane Austen one of the 100 most famous Britons of all time. Austen’s life and writing had a major influence on literature that continues to this day. “Austentatious” continues her legacy in a collaboration with Austen’s popular works set in modern times. Starring several well-known actresses, “Austentatious” is a light-hearted series that will entertain and delight fans.

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New Christian Drama Series is Packed with Your Favorite Stars

By Greg Gudorf on November 21, 2017

Many television viewers know of at least one soap opera. You might remember your mom setting aside an hour every week to “watch her soap,” or maybe it became your guilty pleasure as an adult. While they are a fun way to get the laundry done and gab with friends and family, many Christians watched them with one eye shut; there’s never been a shortage of storylines or characters that are contrary to our values.

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If You Love “The Encounter Series", You’ll Love This

By Greg Gudorf on September 6, 2017

Do you love entertainment about real-life issues and relationships? If you prefer viewing films that challenge convention and offer evidence of God’s hand in the most difficult circumstances, you’ll love the movie “Faith Happens”. This movie, along with the series “The Encounter” by director Rick Garside, turn viewing into a visceral experience that strengthens your faith and restores hope.

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