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‘God Provides Us Angels': Karen Abercrombie Shares How ‘An Angelic Christmas’ Highlights Eternal Truth

By Marissa Mayer on December 19, 2022

The Nativity is more than just a pretty picture that adorns our greeting cards, front yards and movies around Christmas time. The depiction of Mary, Joseph, shepherds and wise men surrounding baby Jesus in the manger is a symbol of hope, peace and everlasting joy. God, in His infinite wisdom and love, sent His Son into the world to save us.

Topics: Christmas Pure Flix Originals Faith In Entertainment An Angelic Christmas
4 min read

4 Reasons To Watch 'Saved By Grace': New Pure Flix Original Series On God's Mercy, Love & Divine Intervention

By Marissa Zimmet on October 11, 2022

The first time we meet Grace in “Saved by Grace,” she intercepts Jack at a very pivotal moment – right before he does something he could regret for the rest of his life. Could this be divine intervention? We learn just a little later that it indeed is. Grace is an angel sent from God to help answer Jack’s prayers.

Topics: Pure Flix Originals Saved by Grace
4 min read

New Pure Flix Original Movie 'Nothing Is Impossible' Offers Valuable Lessons on Growth, Hardwork & Transformation

By Marissa Zimmet on October 5, 2022

For the cast and crew of the Pure Flix Original movie “Nothing Is Impossible,” the phrase is more than just a film title. It's a way of life with God. 

Topics: Pure Flix Originals Nothing Is Impossible
6 min read

5 Movies About Angels that Will Make You Believe

By Julie Tronsen on September 26, 2022

Stories and movies about angels are captivating and convicting. They are sprinkled throughout history and in modern media as people recount seeing or being assisted by angels during difficult times.

Topics: Movie List Pure Flix Originals An Unlikely Angel Saved by Grace An Angelic Christmas
8 min read

'God's Not Dead: Rise Up': A New 'God's Not Dead' Movie Is On The Way

By Billy Hallowell on September 14, 2022

"God's Not Dead," the iconic film that stunned the world with its viral success after its 2014 theatrical release, continues to captivate audiences, offering individuals and families powerful examples of life-change, reliance and transformation.

Topics: Christian Movies Pure Flix Originals
5 min read

Meet the Real Hollywood Couples of 'Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters'

By Marissa Zimmet on July 26, 2022

In “Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters,” we meet future in-laws Steve and Connie and Carlos and Bella, two sets of parents that have different parenting styles. Both of these couples are played by real-life married couples: Steve and Connie are played by Bart Johnson and Robyn Lively while Carlos and Bella are played by David Barrera and Maria Canals-Barrera.

Both couples see differences and similarities between their personal parenting style and their characters’ style. We’re sharing what these comparisons are and how each couple became a part of the new Pure Flix Original movies “Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters.”

Topics: Pure Flix Exclusives Pure Flix Originals
5 min read

Beyond the Script: Fun Facts About the Cast and Crew of 'Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters'

By Marissa Zimmet on July 21, 2022

What you might not realize in the newest Pure Flix original movie, “Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters,” is the world of similarities between the actors’ real lives and their characters' plotlines. We kid you not, these coincidences are all TRUE – they just go to show how God has a hand in everything!

We’re letting you in on the not-so-secret secrets that connected the cast members to the story of “Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters.”

Topics: Pure Flix Exclusives Pure Flix Originals
6 min read

What to Stream on Pure Flix: June 2022

By Pure Flix Editors on May 26, 2022

Summer is almost here! And with that comes time to relax and shake off the school-year schedule. Spend quality family time together this June by streaming these movies and shows, available on Pure Flix.

Topics: Movies Movie List Pure Flix Originals
6 min read

Getting to the Heart of 'Going Home': There's a Message For Everyone

By Marissa Zimmet on May 24, 2022

At first, a show about hospice care might sound despondent, but we can assure you the new AFFIRM Original and Pure Flix exclusive series “Going Home” is anything but. In fact, the actors starring in the show believe the storylines are relatable, inspiring and necessary to tell.

Topics: Pure Flix Exclusives Pure Flix Originals
5 min read

4 Reasons to Watch 'Going Home,' New Heartfelt Show on Nurses, Relationships & Hope During Loss

By Marissa Zimmet on May 19, 2022

“Going Home” is a new AFFIRM Original and Pure Flix exclusive series that follows an inspiring team of nurses who help guide patients and loved ones on the ultimate journey – one of transition from this world to their forever home.

Topics: Pure Flix Exclusives Pure Flix Originals
2 min read

Are All Actors in Pure Flix Shows and Movies Christians?

By Billy Hallowell on October 29, 2020

Pure Flix fans frequently pose an interesting question to us: Are all the actors and crew who work in Pure Flix movies and TV shows Christians?  We think it's an important question.

Topics: Pure Flix Entertainment Pure Flix Originals
2 min read

'It's About Reconnecting': David A.R. White Takes You Behind-the-Scenes

By Pure Flix Editors on May 7, 2020

Actor David A.R. White, star of Pure Flix's new series "Finding Love in Quarantine," and show director Matt Shapira are taking viewers behind-the-scenes to explore the deeper meaning behind the series.

Topics: Pure Flix Originals
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