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Lessons From 'Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters' to Encourage All Parents

By Marissa Zimmet on August 1, 2022

Being a father (or parent) is one of the greatest callings God can give us. The responsibility can be overwhelming and awe-inspiring.

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8 min read

New Exclusive Series 'Live+Local' Is Coming To Pure Flix July 2022: Here's Who to Watch For

By Marissa Zimmet on June 23, 2022

AFFIRM’s newest original “Live+Local,” created and directed by Dan Merchant, is coming exclusively to Pure Flix July 7, 2022. “Live+Local” stars Dave Coulier as Tommy and Emily Pendergast as Tina who both cohost a local morning radio show on the Christian radio station K-HUGG.

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3 Big Bible Lessons in 'Sons of Thunder' That Can Transform Your Faith

By Billy Hallowell on January 1, 2022

The Bible is filled with many powerful lessons about life change, spiritual growth and what it means to love and respect the Lord. 

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3 min read

‘Sweet Inspirations’ Actress Reveals Movie’s Big Biblical Lesson

By Billy Hallowell on August 21, 2020

Actress Cassie Self, who plays Maggie Greene in the new Pure Flix original movie, “Sweet Inspirations,” believes the film has a powerful and timeless message that can leave viewers with something profound to ponder, particularly when it comes to faith and service to others.

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1 min read

'The Encounter' Star's Powerful Realization About 'Depravity' on TV

By Billy Hallowell on July 13, 2020

Actor Bruce Marchiano, star of Pure Flix's "The Encounter" series, passionately believes in the importance of an entertainment space where people can access safe and uplifting TV shows and movies — a positive venue where parents don't have to worry about what their kids are watching.

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First Look: A Teaser of Pure Flix's New Show 'Finding Love in Quarantine'

By Pure Flix Editors on May 1, 2020

Amid a crisis that has forced everyone into quarantine, Rick Baldwin is seeking sanity – and maybe even…. love? This is the plot line of the Pure Flix original show "Finding Love in Quarantine," a new series that will be available for streaming starting May 6.

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3 min read

Transformed: Atheist Astronaut's Journey to Christ in 'The Encounter'

By Billy Hallowell on March 13, 2020

When astronaut Sarah Hughes finds herself facing a death-defying situation aboard the International Space Station, hope turns up at just the right time. 

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4 min read

Why God Sometimes Says 'No' to Our Prayers

By Billy Hallowell on February 7, 2020

It's easy to get frustrated as we wait for answers to our most fervent prayers. And sometimes we get so impatient that we try to take actions into our own hands, working diligently toward our own intended results — even if we're not sure it's what God wants.

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3 min read

Feel Like God Is Ignoring Your Prayers? Here's What You're Missing

By Billy Hallowell on January 31, 2020

Our wants and desires can sometimes cloud our judgment, leading us to miss the blessings that are right before us. Other times, we find ourselves questioning why God has allowed something to happen (or not happen) in our lives.

Topics: Pure Flix Original Devotionals
2 min read

How This Actor's 'Jesus...Save Me' Plea Totally Transformed His Life

By Billy Hallowell on January 29, 2020

Bruce Marchiano, star of’s “The Encounter” series, is well-known for his portrayal of biblical figures — and, in particular, Jesus. But some might not know the details behind the actor's incredible story of finding Jesus in the midst of Hollywood.

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3 min read

Start the New Year With 6 Shows You Can Only Watch on

By Billy Hallowell on January 6, 2020

Looking to start the New Year out right?

Stream these six TV series right now. From dramas to inspirational programs and comedies, this list of shows you can only watch only on Pure Flix has something for everyone.

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2 min read

'Golden Girls' Meets 'Friends': The Scoop on a Hilarious, New Sitcom

By Pure Flix Editors on December 13, 2019

There's no shortage of new content streaming now on! Among the mix is the hilarious comedy "Mood Swings," a sitcom starring Donna Mills, Dyan Cannon and Crystal Hunt, among other talent.

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4 min read

'Duck Dynasty' Star Miss Kay Recounts Dramatic Moment Phil Found Jesus

By Billy Hallowell on December 2, 2019

Miss Kay and Phil Robertson are two of the most beloved members of the Robertson family, with the two notably sparking laughs and comical moments throughout 11 seasons of "Duck Dynasty."

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2 min read

Here's Your Chance to Help Create New Faith and Family Entertainment

By Billy Hallowell on November 18, 2019

Millions of individuals and families across America are looking for safe, family-friendly entertainment content — inspirational TV shows and movies that will enrich and guide their hearts and souls.

Topics: Pure Flix Original Christian Movies
2 min read

'Duck Dynasty' Stars' Powerful Lesson About Faith and Radical Recovery

By Billy Hallowell on October 30, 2019

"Duck Dynasty" stars Missy and Jase Robertson recently delivered a powerful lesson about faith and the power of God to change people's lives, with the reality TV stars candidly sharing their biblical worldview — and their inspiring mission to help others.

Topics: Inspiration Pure Flix Original Pure Flix Exclusives
4 min read

Is There Proof of God? Responding to Atheists’ Biggest Questions

By Billy Hallowell on October 24, 2019

How do Christianity and the Bible stack up to other religions? Is there proof that God created man and the universe at large? What’s the deal with the theory of evolution? These questions, among many others, are common faith curiosities. 

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