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3 min read

'The Encounter' Star's Powerful Realization About 'Depravity' on TV

By Billy Hallowell on July 13, 2020

Actor Bruce Marchiano, star of Pure Flix's "The Encounter" series, passionately believes in the importance of an entertainment space where people can access safe and uplifting TV shows and movies — a positive venue where parents don't have to worry about what their kids are watching.

Topics: Entertainment Pure Flix Original
2 min read

Ex-Abortion Workers Reveal Why They Became Pro-Life — and Transformed

By Billy Hallowell on May 29, 2020

Pure Flix has released “Beautiful Lives,” an eye-opening, five-part interview series hosted by pro-life advocate Abby Johnson (of “Unplanned” fame). 

Topics: Pure Flix Digital Pure Flix Original
1 min read

First Look: A Teaser of Pure Flix's New Show 'Finding Love in Quarantine'

By Pure Flix Editors on May 1, 2020

Amid a crisis that has forced everyone into quarantine, Rick Baldwin is seeking sanity – and maybe even…. love? This is the plot line of the Pure Flix original show "Finding Love in Quarantine," a new series that will be available for streaming starting May 6.

Topics: Pure Flix Original Pure Flix Exclusives
3 min read

Transformed: Atheist Astronaut's Journey to Christ in 'The Encounter'

By Billy Hallowell on March 13, 2020

When astronaut Sarah Hughes finds herself facing a death-defying situation aboard the International Space Station, hope turns up at just the right time. 

Topics: Pure Flix Original
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