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3 Big Bible Lessons in 'Sons of Thunder' That Can Transform Your Faith

By Billy Hallowell on January 1, 2022

The Bible is filled with many powerful lessons about life change, spiritual growth and what it means to love and respect the Lord. 

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Cuddle Up to These 5 Romance Movies Online

By Editors on January 14, 2021

Love is in the air and all around as we head into another Valentine's Day season. And what better way to celebrate it than with Christian romance movies that you and your significant other can stream at home.

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Animals on Set: Man's Best Friend in Family Movies

By Sarah Hartland on August 26, 2020

It's National Dog Day! So, why not explore the roles of dogs in cinema? After all, everyone loves movies with dogs in them. Dogs on screen have captured the hearts of kids and adults alike since “Lassie” and  “Where the Red Fern Grows,” but the pups on screen are more than mere carefree pets — they’re working actors, just like their human counterparts.

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First Look: A Teaser of Pure Flix's New Show 'Finding Love in Quarantine'

By Pure Flix Editors on May 1, 2020

Amid a crisis that has forced everyone into quarantine, Rick Baldwin is seeking sanity – and maybe even…. love? This is the plot line of the Pure Flix original show "Finding Love in Quarantine," a new series that will be available for streaming starting May 6.

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'Golden Girls' Meets 'Friends': The Scoop on a Hilarious, New Sitcom

By Pure Flix Editors on December 13, 2019

There's no shortage of new content streaming now on! Among the mix is the hilarious comedy "Mood Swings," a sitcom starring Donna Mills, Dyan Cannon and Crystal Hunt, among other talent.

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'Duck Dynasty' Stars' Powerful Lesson About Faith and Radical Recovery

By Billy Hallowell on October 30, 2019

"Duck Dynasty" stars Missy and Jase Robertson recently delivered a powerful lesson about faith and the power of God to change people's lives, with the reality TV stars candidly sharing their biblical worldview — and their inspiring mission to help others.

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TV Producer Is on a Mission to Help Kids Discover Jesus

By Billy Hallowell on September 10, 2019

TV producer Cliff McDowell is on a mission to inspire kids to learn how to pray, form a relationship with God and cope with common childhood struggles.

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Hollywood Actor Corbin Bernsen’s Incredible Faith Journey

By Billy Hallowell on July 8, 2019

Veteran actor Corbin Bernsen has been on a faith journey in recent years — one that began after his father died. It was an event that left Bernsen questioning what comes after death, and before long the actor was diving deep into stories of finding faith.

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This Movie Teaches How to Obey the Voice of God

By Editors on February 17, 2018

Can a person who rarely prays hear the voice of God? Although some may wander away from the path of God, He still fills them with His love and guidance. While it may not always seem obvious, it is important to remember that God will never abandon us! We see this played out in Faith Houston’s story in “Steps of Faith,” a light-hearted romantic-comedy that follows a fallen Christian who receives a message from God.

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David A.R. White Fans - Watch His Top Movies on

By Editors on February 11, 2018

Calling all fans of David A.R. White! You may have seen a handful of movies featuring White, but did you know he also produces and writes many films and television shows - including some that he stars in? In addition, White is also the co-founder of Pure Flix Entertainment, the world's largest independent Christian movie production and distribution company.

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7 Reasons Why “Hilton Head Island” is the Best Soap You’ll Watch

By Editors on November 30, 2017

Last month, teamed up with soap opera veterans and released its latest original series, “Hilton Head Island.” Though it looks and feels like a soap opera, the series’ Christian themes and redeeming characters have garnered it the nickname, “hope opera.” Set in Hilton Head Island, S.C., the 22-episode first season follows the Trisk family who owns the fictional ISLE Television Network. But when the family patriarch, Daniel Trisk, is debilitated by an illness, the family must decide who among them will take control of its media empire. If you haven’t started “Hilton Head Island,” here are seven reasons to watch this binge-worthy “hope opera” with your family.

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Decisions, Decisions: Here's the Latest Movies on

By Editors on October 31, 2017 is constantly updated to bring you the latest in faith and family-friendly movies, originals, and more every month. With dozens of films being added to the platform, it’s important that you don’t miss out. Here are a few of the newly added titles you can look for on

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Terron Brooks Teaches us to “HAV Faith” in New Movie

By Editors on October 19, 2017

In his recent movie, “HAV Faith”, singer/songwriter/actor Terron Brooks plays Hamilton A. Vaughn, known as HAV to family and friends. “HAV Faith” is loosely based on the story of Joseph, encouraging Christians to focus on God (even when things go wrong) and allow their faith to carry them through.

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Looking for Fun Films to Discuss? Try!

By Editors on October 10, 2017

Everyone enjoys having friends over for a movie night. These features have the ability to immerse us in entertaining and moving stories that leave us wanting more. Just think of all the hours spent discussing your favorite movies and what made you love them so much.

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Get an Entire Month of New Christian Movies for Free

By Pure Flix Editors on October 7, 2017

There are plenty of streaming services to choose from, but many also have a lot of adult titles and television shows that simply aren’t uplifting. They almost always have elements contrary to the teachings of Christ. When you are wading through those lists, you are likely to see more poor choices than good ones. By the time you settle on a movie with a positive message your whole family can enjoy, the kids are yawning and ready for bed.

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Top Christian Movies Everyone Should See

By Pure Flix Editors on September 30, 2017

Faith-based movies are clearly rising in popularity and have hit the mainstream with their meaningful messages and strong production values. Now there are multiple ways to see the top Christian movies of the season – including, a faith and family-friendly based streaming service. Don’t miss these six Christian flicks that everyone should see.

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