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A 'Megaphone For the Gospel' That Will Help Transform Our Culture

By Billy Hallowell on February 5, 2020

Pure Flix CEO Michael Scott passionately believes that "media can be used as the megaphone for the gospel," and he's taking innovative steps to make it a reality. 

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Actor David A.R. White's Powerful Call to Change 'Culture for Christ'

By Billy Hallowell on December 20, 2019

Actor David A.R. White is on a mission to inspire and enrich peoples' lives, using entertainment as a powerful vehicle to help people more deeply connect with their faith.

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10 Must-See Movies About Israel and the Holy Land

By Billy Hallowell on May 10, 2018

America’s historic decision to move its embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem has dominated headlines. Israel has long called Jerusalem its capital, though Palestinians also believe that the eastern portion of the city should be the center of their future independent state. The two sides have been battling over the land for eons, which is why, until now, the U.S. and other nations have refrained from honoring Jerusalem as Israel’s official capital city.

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You'll Never Believe Who Made this Inspirational Movie

By Sarah Hartland on May 2, 2018

Some of your favorite Christian movies don’t come from fancy Hollywood studios — instead, movies like “God’s Compass” and now “Extraordinary” were made almost entirely by a student crew. Liberty University’s film program brings talented students together during their junior year to collaboratively work on a feature-length film.

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