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5 Romantic Comedies for Date Night

By Justina Miller on January 5, 2021

You don't need to wait for Valentine's Day to enjoy a romantic comedy. Whether you’re on your first date or you’ve been married for years, there’s nothing like enjoying a romantic movie on a date night. But when the inevitable question of “What should we watch?” comes up, you’re both left with blank stares.

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7 min read

10 Christian Love Movies for Valentine's Day and Beyond

By Sarah Hartland on January 4, 2021

Whether accompanied by a dinner out or an evening in, a couple’s movie night is a great way to spend Valentine’s Day this year. Snuggle up on the couch, pop some popcorn, and enjoy Christian love movies that will make you laugh, cry, and think. There are hundreds of great movies to choose from on Pure Flix, perfect for Valentine’s Day and beyond! 

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5 min read

6 Powerful Christian Football Movies

By Billy Hallowell on January 2, 2021

Fall is upon us and that means football has returned. Whether you are a diehard pigskin fan or a casual observer, there is something to learn from these Christian football movies: perseverance, determination and how to have faith when it seems hopeless.

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Discover What's New This January On Pure Flix

By Pure Flix Editors on December 31, 2020

Celebrate the start of a new year with these fresh movies coming this January to Pure Flix.  Watch exclusives like "Switched" starring Denise Richards, and the inspiring "The Author, The Star, and The Keeper" starring Bruce Marchiano. Or cheer on the team with football favorite "Woodlawn."  Enjoy all of your favorite new Christian movies on Pure Flix now.

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Watch These 7 Inspirational Movies Inspired by True Stories

By Greg Gudorf on December 22, 2020

Few stories have the power to captivate us the way movies based on true stories can. Knowing that the lives of real people – who faced and overcame difficult circumstances – inspired the movie you’re watching can provide hope and courage in the face of our own daily hardships.

You may not face the same circumstances portrayed in these seven movies, but the inspirational stories they provide can challenge you to succeed. Let's dive into these movies based on true stories:

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10 Exciting Christmas Movies That Are Now on

By Billy Hallowell on December 7, 2020

With Christmas just around the corner, Pure Flix has added some exciting, new holiday films for your enjoyment. These Christmas movies are streaming right now, offering you fun-filled entertainment options that you can enjoy throughout the month of December.

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6 min read

Christmas Countdown: 10 Christian Movies to Celebrate Christmas

By Pure Flix Editors on December 7, 2020

Christmas is nearly here! To celebrate, here’s your Christmas countdown featuring 10 of the best Christian Christmas movies on Pure Flix. Grab some cookies and hot chocolate and settle down for some holiday fun with the whole family.

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4 min read

Discover The Holy Story On Pure Flix

By Pure Flix Editors on December 2, 2020

Discover the reason for the season this Christmas by watching all of your favorite movies that tell the Holy Story on Pure Flix. Follow along with the journey of the three wiseman in "Chasing the Star," or learn the tribulations of "Joseph and Mary" leading up to the birth of Christ. Enjoy all of your favorite Christian Christmas movies on Pure Flix now

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4 min read

5 Shows That Instill Biblical Values in Kids

By Billy Hallowell on November 11, 2020

Are you looking to instill Biblical values in your kids? If you're a parent or grandparent who wants to find good entertainment that offers morals and values for the children in your life, look no further.

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2 min read

VeggieTales: Where the Adventure begins!

By Pure Flix Editors on November 10, 2020

VeggieTales is ready to take your kids on an epic adventure that they are sure to remember!

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6 min read

Christian Comedians That Will Make You Laugh More Right Now

By Sarah Hartland on November 9, 2020

When was the last time you laughed so hard you cried? In a culture where the price of a laugh is often inappropriate language or content, Christian comedians are on a mission to show that comedy can be for the whole family.

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5 min read

New This November On Pure Flix: 'The Bible,' 'VeggieTales' & More!

By Pure Flix Editors on November 2, 2020

Check out the new exclusives coming to Pure Flix this November. Watch all of your favorite "VeggieTales" in one place, teaching classic Bible stories and morals. Or laugh out loud with "Home-Schooled," something that's probably a little too close to home for a lot of families right now. Enjoy all of your favorite new Christian movies on Pure Flix now

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8 min read

Kevin Sorbo Movie List: A Few of His Most Loved Christian Movies

By Greg Gudorf on November 1, 2020

For any movie to be successful, you need quality actors who can bring the story to life. One of the hardest working and most versatile actors in Christian films today is Kevin Sorbo.

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5 min read

Now Streaming: Movies Starring Actor Dean Cain

By Pure Flix Editors on October 26, 2020

Actor Dean Cain continues to star in powerful films that aim to inspire audiences. And if you're looking for some of the best Dean Cain movies, you've come to the right place.

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3 min read

Apocalypse Movies: Revelation-Themed Films You Can Stream Right Now

By Billy Hallowell on October 20, 2020

Movies about the end of days generally feature fascinating storylines centered on hypothetical situations surrounding eschatological (end times) scriptures.

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3 min read

Thrillers, End Times Films & Suspense Movies You Can Stream Right Now

By Billy Hallowell on October 9, 2020

Looking for suspense films and Christian thrillers? Well, you're in luck! Pure Flix has something for everyone — and that includes exciting films that will leave you on the edge of your seat. 


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