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A Better Option: Children’s Christian Movies

By Editors on August 11, 2017

Parents who choose Christian entertainment are protecting the minds and hearts of their little ones. As parents, one task God gives us is to nurture the innocence of our children and protect them from some of the negativity of the world. Quality Christian children’s movies and TV shows can help parents with this mission. The wrong entertainment teaches aggression, rebellion, and impulsive behavior, but the reverse is also true. The right entertainment encourages good behavior, strength of character, and better decision making.

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Is "Despicable Me 3" Really Safe for Your Kids?

By Editors on July 14, 2017

Summer brings a host of exciting prospects – longer days, a reprieve from school, and months of fun in the sun. It’s no coincidence that the summer months also bring some of the year’s biggest blockbusters like Despicable Me 3. As a parent, it can be difficult to know which of summer’s hit flicks are actually quality viewing for your children.

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13 Kids Movies You Won’t Mind Watching Again and Again

By Sarah Hartland on June 20, 2017

As a parent, there are probably a handful of kids movies that your kids watch time and time again. They play in the background until you’ve memorized every line and every song. If it’s time to switch it up, here are 13 kids movies you can stream from anywhere:

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Cowboy Ethics Seen in Western Movies

By Sarah Hartland on March 9, 2017

As a child, you might have imagined yourself as a cowboy or prairie girl surviving in America’s Wild West, riding broomstick horses and playing sheriff. But what you probably didn’t realize was that the real Wild West that you so often imagined was the foundation of a value system that author James P. Owen calls “cowboy ethics.”

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Family Movie Nights for Six More Weeks of Winter

By Sarah Hartland on February 3, 2017

For the past 130 years, a little groundhog named Punxsutawney Phil has predicted the weather for us. February 2nd is proudly referred to as “Groundhog Day.” Tradition states that if Phil sees his shadow, there will be six more weeks of winter, but if he doesn’t, spring has arrived! This fun tradition has a quirky history, described in the video below.

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A Christian Show That Encourages Kids to Go Outside and Play

By Editors on October 2, 2016

“Owlegories,” an animated series for ages 2-6, features an adorable class of little owls who learn to see God in what He has created. The play on the word “allegories” is witty and appropriate, as the owls adventure to different places to learn the hidden (or not so hidden!) meaning in God’s creation. Pure Flix Insider sat down with “Owlegories” producer, Chad Gundersen, to learn more about how the series came to be.

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Pure Flix Saves Kids from 150 Hours of Commercials

By Justina Miller on September 18, 2016

If you’ve been thinking about trading cable TV for a streaming service, this recent study might sway you. The study shows that children who watch TV on a streaming service skip 150 hours of commercial time a year. That’s the the equivalent of 6.25 days.

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Family Movies You Can Turn Into Family Devotions

By Sarah Hartland on September 4, 2016

When you were in school, do you remember how much you loved when your teacher let you watch a movie in class? Not only was it more fun, but it helped you to more vividly remember what you learned.

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How to Find Family-Friendly Movies You Can Trust

By Sarah Hartland on August 8, 2016

Have you ever watched a movie with your kids and thought, “THIS is rated PG?” As a parent, it can be disheartening to take your kids to a “family-friendly” movie and find yourself grimacing. Gone are the days when you could watch any PG rated movie with the confidence that it would be free of violence, language and innuendos. If you can’t trust movie ratings, how do you find family-friendly movies you can trust?

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Family-Friendly Alternatives to Pokémon

By Sarah Hartland on August 7, 2016

Earlier this summer, the augmented-reality game, Pokémon Go, became an overnight success around the world, overtaking Twitter and Snapchat in daily users in under one week. The game’s incredible success has resurrected the popularity of the 90’s cartoon, which was based off of the original Japanese video games. Pokémon (or “Pocket Monsters” in the original Japanese) is still on air today, including several spin-off series and feature films.

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