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The Real-Life Miracle That Absolutely Shocked Lee Strobel

By Billy Hallowell on March 10, 2021

Author and evangelist Lee Strobel was once an atheist who served as the legal affairs editor for the Chicago Tribune before embarking on a quest to try and disprove Christianity — an effort that ironically led him to embrace faith.

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‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Star’s New Movie Tackles Marriage, Military Life

By Billy Hallowell on October 22, 2018

"Grey's Anatomy" alum Sarah Drew is set to star in "Indivisible," a new movie from Pure Flix about U.S. Army Chaplain Darren Turner, his wife, Heather, and the couple’s fight to save their marriage. Drew, who has had a long and successful career in Hollywood, recently revealed the importance of the marital message embedded in the film.

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INCREDIBLE: Hollywood Actor Is Helping Save Drug Addicts’ Lives

By Billy Hallowell on September 28, 2018

Actor Bart Johnson might have one of the most interesting stories in Hollywood right now. Johnson stars in the new, modern adaptation of “Little Women” as well as in the “High School Musical” franchise, but perhaps more importantly is helping save the lives of drug addicts who are desperately in need of assistance.

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‘Little Women’ Director Gives First-Look at Her Incredible Film

By Billy Hallowell on September 24, 2018

Clare Niederpruem is the director of “Little Women,” a new, modern adaptation of the popular novel that is set to hit theaters on September 28. The actress-turned-director is on a mission to entertain and inspire, as she’s hoping the timeless values in the film uplift audiences across the nation.

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How a True American Hero Survived Absolute Horror, Found Christ

By Billy Hallowell on September 10, 2018

Louis Zamperini was one of America’s greatest heroes — a World War II veteran, POW, Olympic runner, and an evangelist. His harrowing story of overcoming the odds will be told through Pure Flix’s "Unbroken: Path to Redemption,” which debuts in theaters nationwide on Friday, September 14.

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Want to Write a Movie? 'Lucky's Treasure' Writer Shares Best Tips

By Sarah Hartland on August 16, 2017

Like most faith-based films, “Lucky’s Treasure” was made possible by a group of like-minded talent coming together to make something for God’s glory and audiences’ entertainment. Screenwriter Claire Hutchinson spoke with Pure Flix Insider recently about how this Christian movie came together, and shared her best tips for aspiring screenwriters.

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Here’s How One Christian Actress is Influencing Hollywood

By Sarah Hartland on July 26, 2017

From “Star Trek: Into Darkness” to “God’s Not Dead 2,” Gianna Simone’s career story is one of faith shining brightly in the center of Hollywood. Now, Simone is co-starring in the first-ever Christian sit-com

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Behind the Scenes with the Encounter Series Cast

By Sarah Hartland on October 24, 2016

To be an actor or actress with high moral standards can be tricky in today’s world. Pure Flix’s mission is to “change the culture for Christ,” and the cast of Pure Flix’s original series, “The Encounter,” are using their talents to do just that. Pure Flix Insider recently sat down with some cast members of “The Encounter” to discuss how their faith influences their performances, their favorite memories on set, and the message behind the show. Here's what they had to say:

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'October Baby': The Little Family Movie That Could

By Sarah Hartland on October 8, 2016

After the release of October Baby” on, Pure Flix Insider spoke to director and producer Andy Erwin and co-star Jason Burkey about the film’s background, impact, and the world of Christian filmmaking.

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A Christian Show That Encourages Kids to Go Outside and Play

By Editors on October 2, 2016

“Owlegories,” an animated series for ages 2-6, features an adorable class of little owls who learn to see God in what He has created. The play on the word “allegories” is witty and appropriate, as the owls adventure to different places to learn the hidden (or not so hidden!) meaning in God’s creation. Pure Flix Insider sat down with “Owlegories” producer, Chad Gundersen, to learn more about how the series came to be.

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Nothing is Impossible: The Life and Work of Dr. Harold Finch

By Sarah Hartland on September 13, 2016

A young boy was sent to the principal’s office for doodling rocket ships in his math book. He wasn’t a bad little boy, just a dreamer, and space seemed much more interesting than the lesson he was supposed to be paying attention to. His name was Harold Finch.

The principal, who he would later describe as “a scary individual,” would tell him that day, “Harold, if you don’t get your mind out of the clouds, out of space, you’re never going to amount to anything.” He could have listened to this woman; some would say he should have. After all, she was older, wiser, and his authority. This visit to the principal’s office could have been the end of the story. Instead, it was just the beginning.

Harold’s aunt would later tell him the story of a boy in her fifth grade class in Kansas City, Missouri. This boy’s name was Walter, and he had recently moved to the area after his parent’s crop in rural Missouri had failed. She recalled that Walter was a bit ornery, not bad but just mischievous, and always getting in trouble for doodling in his textbooks. “Harold,” his aunt told him, “you remind me so much of him.” Her childhood classmate was Walt Disney.

From that day on, Harold began reading about this other doodler. He said, “I figured if this kid, who was a loser in grade school, not memorable to his classmates, if he could become something not just really good but amazingly great, extraordinary, why can’t I?”

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Where to Go When You Leave Netflix

By Editors on June 15, 2016

Pure Flix is a safe and uplifting alternative to the mixed programming offered by Netflix and other streaming services. Although Netflix offers a limited number of Christian movies, they also have content that includes unwholesome language, worldly attitudes, and even content with ungodly influences like the occult, extramarital affairs, and negative attitudes toward Christianity and faith.

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Behind the Scenes with Eva LaRue From Dancer And The Dame!

By Editors on September 22, 2015

Watch Dancer and the Dame Eva LaRue has been in show business a long ime … since she was six! Best known for her starring roles in All My Children and CSI: Miami, Eva can be seen in the Pure Flix-produced movie Dancer And The Dame, which is now available on the Pure Flix subscription streaming service.

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Jen Lilley Answers YOUR Questions

By Editors on August 10, 2015

You asked ... Jen Lilley answered.

In the first Pure Flix Actor Q&A session, Jen Lilley (who can be seen in a number of movies on Pure Flix, including The Book of Esther and Turn Around Jake) answers questions from you!

Check out this video of Jen answering questions and be sure to share it with your friends.

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