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5 Must-Watch Christian Romance Films Streaming Right Now on Pure Flix

By Billy Hallowell on September 25, 2020

Are you ready to curl up on the couch and enjoy some of the best Christian romance films? Pop some popcorn, grab the remote and get ready to enjoy truly entertaining movies. These five films about love offer some powerful and uplifting messages as well!

Topics: Movie List Inspirational Movies Romantic Movies
3 min read

‘Sweet Inspirations’ Actress Reveals Movie’s Big Biblical Lesson

By Billy Hallowell on August 21, 2020

Actress Cassie Self, who plays Maggie Greene in the new Pure Flix original movie, “Sweet Inspirations,” believes the film has a powerful and timeless message that can leave viewers with something profound to ponder, particularly when it comes to faith and service to others.

Topics: Inspirational Movies Pure Flix Original
4 min read

8 Biblical Epics and Christian Movies You Can Stream Right Now

By Billy Hallowell on June 24, 2020

Are you looking for Bible movies that help bring some of the most powerful and important Bible stories to light? Well, you're in luck! This article contains a list of just some of the faith-based movies now streaming on Pure Flix.

Topics: Inspirational Movies Christian Movies
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3 Powerful Lessons Lee Strobel's 'The Case for Christ' Will Teach You

By Billy Hallowell on June 8, 2020

"The Case for Christ," starring Mike Vogel and Erika Christensen, is a powerful film that delivers some essential lessons about faith, love, devotion and personal transformation.

Topics: Movie List Inspirational Movies Christian Movies
3 min read

6 Pastors and Sermons That Will Help Grow Your Faith, Marriage & More

By Billy Hallowell on December 30, 2019

Are you looking for an inspiring message that will help you further your relationship with God, understand the Bible more accurately and take steps to live more intentionally?

Topics: Christianity Inspirational Movies Christian Movies
3 min read

New in December! Here Are Some Must-Stream Films on

By Billy Hallowell on December 3, 2019

It's officially December! While we have plenty of Christmas movies and holiday cheer over at, we also have some non-holiday-themed movies worth streaming today!

Topics: Movies Inspirational Movies Christian Movies
7 min read

10 Movies and Shows That Are Now Streaming on

By Billy Hallowell on October 31, 2019

From inspirational dramas to comedies, we've got you covered. So, hop on the couch with some popcorn and enjoy these fun and inspiring shows and movies that are now streaming on Pure Flix:

Topics: Movies Inspirational Movies Christian Movies
4 min read

5 Harry Connick Jr. Quotes About the Power of Faith

By Billy Hallowell on July 2, 2019

Grammy and Emmy winner Harry Connick Jr. has long been known as a popular singer, actor and TV host, but did you know that Connick is also a Christian? The performer has openly spoken about his faith over the years, sharing how he discovered faith as a teenager after his mother’s tragic death.

Topics: Inspirational Movies
3 min read

American Idol Star Turns to Faith to Win Life-Threatening Battle

By Billy Hallowell on May 17, 2018

“American Idol” alum Scott MacIntyre has faced his fair share of trials and tribulations. Born blind, MacIntyre later experienced kidney failure, pain, and uncertainty as he awaited two transplants — difficult and draining experiences that led him and his wife, Christina, to rely on their faith in God as they faced the unknown.

Topics: Behind the Scenes Inspirational Movies
2 min read

Faith, Family, and Finding Beauty from Ashes

By Editors on March 18, 2018

Faith and family are the two most defining forces in our lives. It can be difficult to find quality entertainment that affirms and supports those tenets of our lives that we hold so dear. “Beyond the Farthest Star” is a movie that addresses finding joy during difficult times through faith and family and aims to make a positive impact.

Topics: Inspirational Movies
3 min read

Learn to Forgive Yourself and Others with These 3 Movies

By Editors on March 13, 2018

It’s not often that positive, uplifting messages are delivered by today’s movies or TV shows. There is, however, an amazing healing available in the power of forgiveness. Too often we lose sight of how to forgive in our lives. These movies demonstrate that virtue for us in dramatic ways that allow us to connect with each other through understanding and forgiveness.

Topics: Christianity Movie List Inspirational Movies
3 min read

Saddle Up! Here Are Some of the Best Horse Movies

By Editors on March 9, 2018

Horses have been mankind’s helpers since ancient times. They are not only workers and racers, but sources of comfort and even therapy for thousands of people in need. It’s no surprise that movies have included horses since the first silent films were made. From cowboy movies and westerns, and even a modern sci-fi series, horses are proven movie stars. Here are some of the best horse movies that also provide great life lessons:

Topics: Movie List Inspirational Movies Family-Friendly Movies
3 min read

Discover the Power of Hope with These Inspirational Documentaries

By Editors on March 7, 2018

Learning about real people’s challenges and how they overcame them is a powerful reminder of the human spirit. These reminders can be especially important when we are facing our own hurdles.

Topics: Movie List Inspirational Movies Inspiration Documentaries
3 min read

If You Like Reality TV, Check Out These 4 Inspiring Documentaries

By Editors on February 27, 2018

While you may love to watch documentaries, some of the options available can contain some disturbing content. It seems like entertainment options continue to deteriorate. Some are full of mindless material or unnecessary violence that leaves the viewer feeling they received no value. Others follow celebrities and other individuals whose values and choices disagree with what you believe. If you find yourself longing for more wholesome choices with positive messages, check-out these inspiring documentaries.

Topics: Movie List Inspirational Movies Documentaries
2 min read

This Movie Teaches How to Obey the Voice of God

By Editors on February 17, 2018

Can a person who rarely prays hear the voice of God? Although some may wander away from the path of God, He still fills them with His love and guidance. While it may not always seem obvious, it is important to remember that God will never abandon us! We see this played out in Faith Houston’s story in “Steps of Faith,” a light-hearted romantic-comedy that follows a fallen Christian who receives a message from God.

Topics: Faith Inspirational Movies Pure Flix Exclusives
3 min read

You’ll Want to Lasso These 5 Cowboy Movies

By Editors on February 10, 2018

Many people love a good movie featuring cowboys. Sometimes life in these films seems hard, but the good guys usually win in the end. And there’s something to be said for their honesty and family-friendly messages.

Topics: Movie List Inspirational Movies
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