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Movies and TV Shows About Angels, Demons & Faith Worth Streaming

By Billy Hallowell on January 11, 2023

Do angels and demons exist? The Bible makes it more than clear that these spiritual entities do, indeed, exist, though there are many theological debates about the form they take, what power they have in our physical world — and how each came into existence.

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8 min read

All 4 'God's Not Dead' Movies Streaming Now! Here Are Our Favorite Moments From Each Film.

By Pure Flix Editors on September 2, 2022

With all four "God's Not Dead" movies now streaming on Pure Flix, we wanted to share all our favorite inspirational moments from each of the four movies.

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2 min read

'Duck Dynasty' Stars' Powerful Lesson About Faith and Radical Recovery

By Billy Hallowell on October 30, 2019

"Duck Dynasty" stars Missy and Jase Robertson recently delivered a powerful lesson about faith and the power of God to change people's lives, with the reality TV stars candidly sharing their biblical worldview — and their inspiring mission to help others.

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3 min read

Atheist-Turned-Apologist Lee Strobel’s Journey Will Inspire You

By Billy Hallowell on October 16, 2019

Famed journalist-turned-author Lee Strobel has captivated secular and faith audiences, alike, with his personal story of undergoing a stunning transformation from atheism to Christianity.

Topics: Movies Christianity Inspiration
3 min read

6 Powerful and Entertaining Movies to Help Strengthen Your Marriage

By Billy Hallowell on October 3, 2019

Marriage is one of the most incredible bonds human beings can have with one another. It’s a gift that was created by God, with the Bible going into detail about the importance of love, respect and devotion inside of each union. 

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3 min read

‘I Was Suicidal’: The Amazing Way Andrea Logan White Found God

By Billy Hallowell on September 12, 2019

Actress Andrea Logan White was once on the brink of suicide, but a chance encounter with a stranger changed her life and set her on course to start a relationship with God.

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3 min read

Need Some 2018 Motivation? Watch These 5 Inspiring Documentaries

By Editors on January 7, 2018

Whether you achieved all your New Year’s Resolutions for 2017 or didn’t get around to any of them, you can start 2018 with a brand new outlook on life. Find the motivation to live your best life with help from Watch documentaries that will inspire you with true stories of incredible strength, determination, and faith. Here are five of the best documentaries on to help you kick off the New Year:

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3 min read

Our Favorite Inspirational Moments in "God’s Not Dead 2"

By Pure Flix Editors on July 24, 2017

Packed with inspirational moments, “God’s Not Dead 2” is an amazing movie about possessing unwavering faith in God.

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