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3 Inspirational Movies Featuring Kirk Cameron

By Sarah Hartland on November 1, 2022

Kirk Cameron shot into the spotlight at a young age, starring in the hit sit-com “Growing Pains” as Mike Seaver. The popular 1980’s show won Cameron two Golden Globes and launched his acting career.

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Kevin Sorbo Movie List: A Few of His Most Loved Christian Movies

By Editors on November 1, 2020

For any movie to be successful, you need quality actors who can bring the story to life. One of the hardest working and most versatile actors in Christian films today is Kevin Sorbo.

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‘I Want to Glorify God’: Actor’s Powerful Act Before Taking Roles

By Billy Hallowell on November 5, 2018

Actor T.C. Stallings refuses to compromise his faith and values, turning to God as he continues to navigate his successful career in Hollywood. Stallings, a former professional football player, never planned to enter the entertainment industry, but an unexpected experience inside a movie theater a decade ago left him with an undying passion for storytelling.

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David A.R. White Fans - Watch His Top Movies on

By Editors on February 11, 2018

Calling all fans of David A.R. White! You may have seen a handful of movies featuring White, but did you know he also produces and writes many films and television shows - including some that he stars in? In addition, White is also the co-founder of Pure Flix Entertainment, the world's largest independent Christian movie production and distribution company.

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Celebrate Rosa Parks’ Birthday with Movies About Courageous Women

By Pure Flix Editors on February 3, 2018

Feb. 4, 1913 was Rosa Parks’ birthday. Who knew this tiny baby would later come to be called the mother of the freedom movement in the United States? Or that children in schools around the nation would celebrate her birthday annually as the Day of Courage? celebrates Rosa Parks, and all women of courage, on February 4 and every day!

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Must-See Inspirational Movies Starring Dean Cain

By Editors on January 19, 2018

Actor Dean Cain has made his mark, starring in many notable films and TV shows. However, many don’t know that before finding his passion on the big screen, he had aspirations in football. Not long after signing with the Buffalo Bills, a knee injury ended his NFL career and led him down a different path. After a series of commercials and TV roles, he landed his big break as Superman/Clark Kent in the 1993 series “Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman.”

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Do You Love Ben Davies? Check Out These 4 Movies

By Pure Flix Editors on November 15, 2017

Ben Davies has been in entertainment since he was in diapers. You probably recognize him from acting in films such as “I’m Not Ashamed”, “Vindication”, or “Courageous”.

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Terron Brooks Teaches us to “HAV Faith” in New Movie

By Editors on October 19, 2017

In his recent movie, “HAV Faith”, singer/songwriter/actor Terron Brooks plays Hamilton A. Vaughn, known as HAV to family and friends. “HAV Faith” is loosely based on the story of Joseph, encouraging Christians to focus on God (even when things go wrong) and allow their faith to carry them through.

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Michael Ironside: Where Is He Now?

By Editors on August 14, 2017

Michael Ironside is a seasoned Hollywood actor with more than 200 movie credits to his name. Since the late 1970s, he has appeared in major productions including “Top Gun”, “Total Recall”, and “Free Willy”. In April 2017, Grace Alone Films released “Lucky’s Treasure” – a subtle and engaging Christian film starring Ironside. Today, many fans are asking the question: What is Michael Ironside doing now?

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Here’s How One Christian Actress is Influencing Hollywood

By Sarah Hartland on July 26, 2017

From “Star Trek: Into Darkness” to “God’s Not Dead 2,” Gianna Simone’s career story is one of faith shining brightly in the center of Hollywood. Now, Simone is co-starring in the first-ever Christian sit-com

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Cameos By 4 Country Music Stars in Christian Movies

By Editors on July 19, 2017

When the worlds of music and film collide, it leads to exceptional movies. Sometimes country music stars are the muses for Christian movies – other times, they make cameos to show their solidarity with the lessons the movies teach. Next time you settle in for a family movie night give these four movies a try. You just might spot your favorite country music singer.

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How Music Affects Our Brains (And Our Hearts!)

By Sarah Hartland on May 5, 2017

Hillsong United member Joel Houston said, "I believe that God created music to connect people - the human heart, our soul - with Heaven." Music is an undeniably powerful tool in life and in worship. Its effects reach far beyond our eardrums though. Did you know that music has a profound effect on your brain chemistry? Music affects mood, gives your brain a workout, and can improve your overall quality of life.

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5 min read

Melissa Joan Hart Exclusive! - God's Not Dead 2

By Sarah Hartland on April 26, 2017

Melissa Joan Hart, star of the hit Christian movie, “God’s Not Dead 2” recently spoke with Pure Flix Insider about faith and filming. This exclusive interview reveals just some of what makes “God’s Not Dead 2” and its characters so unique.

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'One Life to Live' Star Shares How God Changed Her Life, Career

By Sarah Hartland on February 22, 2017

Pictured above: ‘Courageous Love’ director Daniel Knudsen with Patricia Mauceri

From Broadway, to a television soap opera, to Christian film and beyond, Patricia Mauceri is known as a seasoned actress, coach, and mentor. Patricia grew up a Brooklyn girl with her eye on law school, until a nun at her Catholic high school suggested she had a “flair for the dramatic.” This talent would eventually land Patricia in role after role, including her most recent in the Christian movie, “Courageous Love,” now on

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10 Pop Stars Who Love Jesus

By Pure Flix Editors on November 22, 2016

Christians in the music industry have had a profound effect on pop culture. Here are ten pop stars who are also Christians:

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Behind the Scenes with Actors From “Ties that Bind”

By Editors on August 20, 2016

Last week, Pure Flix Insider got the chance to hear from the actors of TV series, “Ties that Bind.” The actors gave us the lowdown of life on set and how they stay in character. Season one of “Ties that Bind” premiered on the UP Network last year and is now available to stream at

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