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4 min read

Animals on Set: Man's Best Friend in Family Movies

By Sarah Hartland on August 26, 2020

It's National Dog Day! So, why not explore the roles of dogs in cinema? After all, everyone loves movies with dogs in them. Dogs on screen have captured the hearts of kids and adults alike since “Lassie” and  “Where the Red Fern Grows,” but the pups on screen are more than mere carefree pets — they’re working actors, just like their human counterparts.

Topics: Behind the Scenes Pure Flix Exclusives Family-Friendly Movies
5 min read

Life Hack: How to Host the Ultimate Family Movie Night

By Pure Flix Editors on May 15, 2020

Are you looking to setup a family movie night? If so, you're in luck! We have some fun family movie night ideas — complete with a list of family movies to watch and movie night snacks to munch on.

Topics: Family-Friendly Movies Christian Movies
3 min read

6 Movies and TV Shows Streaming on Pure Flix in May

By Billy Hallowell on May 1, 2020

With May upon us, let's explore some of the movies and TV shows that are now streaming on Pure Flix. From comedies to dramas, these shows and movies will inspire and entertain you and your family.

Topics: Movie List Family-Friendly Movies Christian Movies
3 min read

6 Movies & TV Shows Now Streaming For You and Your Family

By Pure Flix Editors on February 28, 2020

Looking for excellent and entertaining content for you and your family? Look no further! We have thousands of movies, TV shows and original series now streaming on

These five dramas, kid-centric titles and cute comedies offer something for everyone:

Topics: Movie List Family-Friendly Movies
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