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Family Movies That Will Make You Believe in Miracles

By Sarah Hartland on March 3, 2023

Coincidence or providence? When things happen that don’t have an explanation, we turn our eyes towards heaven. We know the Bible is full of miracles in the Old Testament and the New Testament, but what about modern miracles? There are countless stories about God working miraculously today, and many family movies that portray these true stories.

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8 min read

Family Movies Everyone Will Love - Parents and Kids Alike

By Sarah Hartland on November 18, 2022

The "what should we watch tonight?” debate is all too familiar to most parents. Finding a family movie that will keep kids entertained and grown-ups awake can be a challenge. The most engaging films can contain themes that are too intense for children, yet the movies that get kiddos excited are often yawn-worthy to adults. Don’t worry - we’re coming to your rescue with these seven movies that you and your kids will enjoy.

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5 min read

6 Powerful Christian Football Movies

By Billy Hallowell on September 9, 2022

Fall is upon us and that means football has returned. Whether you are a diehard pigskin fan or a casual observer, there is something to learn from these Christian football movies: perseverance, determination and how to have faith when it seems hopeless.

Topics: Movies Family Sports Movie List
4 min read

5 Movies that Honor Dad for Father’s Day

By Billy Hallowell on June 17, 2022

Dads are incredibly important, so it’s no wonder we set aside a day to celebrate their importance in the lives of children and families, alike.

Topics: Family Movie List
7 min read

7 of the Best Wedding Movies & Romance Films You Won't Want to Miss

By Pure Flix Editors on May 20, 2022

If you're a rom-com fan looking for the best wedding movies and romance films to stream today, look no further!

Topics: Family Relationships
9 min read

Top 10 Christian Movies for Your Family

By Pure Flix Editors on March 18, 2022

Christian movies help families spend time together in a wholesome way. They can provide a springboard for conversations about God and faith, and can even give seeking family members opportunities to learn more about living a life of faith.

Topics: Movies Christianity Family Movie List
4 min read

5 Powerful Kirk Cameron Quotes About Marriage

By Billy Hallowell on May 23, 2021

Few films have offered as much marital inspiration and guidance as “Fireproof,” the faith-based feature film starring Kirk Cameron. The movie, which focuses on Cameron’s character, Caleb Holt — a firefighter who embarks on a 40-day quest to save his marriage — has continued to inspire viewers to work diligently to build and maintain their own relationships.

Topics: Christianity Family
5 min read

Action Packed Christian Movies for the Whole Family

By Pure Flix Editors on March 2, 2021

In a time when violence and bloodshed permeates headlines in stateside and international news, what is it that draws people to crave more violence on television?

Topics: Movies Family Movie List Relationships
10 min read

Hey Parents, Here Are 20 Family Movies Your Teen Will Love

By Justina Miller on February 5, 2021

Deciding on a movie for family movie night can be a challenge – especially if you have teenagers at home. But don't worry, we have you covered with this list of the best movies for teens. Broken down by drama, faith, romance and comedy, each movie on this list will leave you not only entertained but thinking more deeply about your faith.

Topics: Family Movie List
3 min read

Meet Your Favorite Veggie Tales Characters — Bob, Larry & Others

By Pure Flix Staff on October 13, 2020

Do your kids love good, animated entertainment? If so, they're in luck! Your children have the chance to meet the characters in "VeggieTales," as all of the classic episodes of the popular kids cartoon series are coming soon to Pure Flix!

Topics: Family Kids
3 min read

Uplifting Horse Movies for the Whole Family

By Editors on August 9, 2017

A love of horses starts in childhood and continues for an entire lifetime. When your child has that feeling of adoration and wonder, encourage it! Horses are noble, friendly animals that build relationships and are often used in therapy to support emotional growth. Horse movies promote family values like loyalty, courage, and standing up for what you believe.

Topics: Family Movie List
3 min read

The Effects of Horror Movies on the Minds of Teens

By Pure Flix Editors on August 4, 2017

Many parents are in a constant battle with their preteens and teens about what kinds of movies are appropriate. Adolescents are wired to push boundaries, but as parents it’s our job to protect them. Horror movies could have a negative effect on their developing minds. Here are some of the dangers and tips for discouraging teens from seeking out this type of entertainment.

Topics: Movies Family
2 min read

4 Myths About Christian TV Shows, Debunked

By Editors on August 1, 2017

If you’re frustrated and disappointed with current “family-friendly” TV, you are not alone. Between the show content and the cringe-worthy commercials (“Ahh! Close your eyes, kids!”), many families have considered switching to streaming services to find wholesome options safe for the entire family. Some hesitate to divert from mainstream TV, though, fearing a downgrade in their viewing options. To clear up some common misconceptions, let’s debunk these 5 myths about Christian TV shows.

Topics: Family Movie List Series Comedy
3 min read

How to Find Family-Friendly Movies You Can Trust

By Sarah Hartland on August 8, 2016

Have you ever watched a movie with your kids and thought, “THIS is rated PG?” As a parent, it can be disheartening to take your kids to a “family-friendly” movie and find yourself grimacing. Gone are the days when you could watch any PG rated movie with the confidence that it would be free of violence, language and innuendos. If you can’t trust movie ratings, how do you find family-friendly movies you can trust?

Topics: Movies Family Pure Flix Digital Kids
2 min read

7 Ways Faith Based Films Support Family Values

By Editors on July 17, 2016

An advantage of Christian movies over mainstream movies is that they support the family values many people hold dear and build their lives upon. Here are some of the many ways Christian movies build-up and encourage the family.

Topics: Movies Family Faith
7 min read

Your Guide to Binge Watching 'Heartland' on Pure Flix

By Pure Flix Editors on June 10, 2016

If the stunning scenery doesn’t draw you in immediately, the charming drama about a ranch family will keep you watching episode after episode.

Topics: Movies Family
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