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4 min read

Inside the 'Cinematic Story' of 'A Thousand Tomorrows' with Creator Karen Kingsbury & Screenwriter Tyler Russell

By Marissa Zimmet on March 8, 2023

If you’ve been waiting anxiously for the next episode of “Karen Kingsbury's A Thousand Tomorrows” to drop, know you’re not the only one. We’ve been thoroughly enjoying every single episode and following along with Cody and Ali as they navigate their own relationship as well as their rodeo careers and everything else life is throwing at them.

Topics: Faith In Entertainment Movies and TV
8 min read

‘God Provides Us Angels': Karen Abercrombie Shares How ‘An Angelic Christmas’ Highlights Eternal Truth

By Marissa Mayer on December 19, 2022

The Nativity is more than just a pretty picture that adorns our greeting cards, front yards and movies around Christmas time. The depiction of Mary, Joseph, shepherds and wise men surrounding baby Jesus in the manger is a symbol of hope, peace and everlasting joy. God, in His infinite wisdom and love, sent His Son into the world to save us.

Topics: Christmas Pure Flix Originals Faith In Entertainment An Angelic Christmas
9 min read

'A Christmas Movie That Talks About Christ': Candace Cameron Bure Shares Heart Of Latest Christmas Film

By Marissa Zimmet on December 2, 2022

For Candace Cameron Bure, the unofficial Queen of Christmas, it’s easy to get into the holiday spirit, no matter what time of year her latest Christmas project might actually be filming.

Topics: Christmas Faith In Entertainment
11 min read

Get to Know 'Moonrise' Star & Country Singer Granger Smith

By Marissa Zimmet on November 15, 2022

When you hear Granger Smith’s name, you probably think of his record-breaking country music. Or maybe his alter ego Earl Dibbles Jr. Maybe you’ve heard of his Yee Yee Apparel company. Or maybe recognize the name for his and his wife’s charity, The River Kelly Fund. You might even know him as a devout Christian studying to become a pastor.

Topics: Pure Flix Exclusives Faith In Entertainment Moonrise
10 min read

'Legacy Peak' Actor Lucas Black & Director Aaron Burns Share How Film is Truly a Story for the Kingdom

By Marissa Zimmet on September 30, 2022

Legacy Peak” is not your everyday family action and adventure movie. Sure, there’s wolf-fighting and ATV racing, but at the heart of the film, it aims to empower fathers and to place them in a loving, affirming, strong and courageous light. It encourages them to embrace their heavenly Father as well as their earthly father as role models for the most important role they’ll fill in their life.

Topics: Pure Flix Original Faith In Entertainment Legacy Peak
6 min read

Faith In Entertainment: Is Social Media Affecting Your Teen's Mental Health?

By Laura Woodworth on February 8, 2022

Are you worried about the effect social media has on your teen and their mental health? Are you wondering what happened to the carefree child whose head is now buried in their phone? If you feel you have lost your teen to the grip of social media, you can get them back. With God’s help, you can help your teen develop healthy social media habits in today’s digital age.

Topics: Parenting Faith In Entertainment
5 min read

Faith In Entertainment: Are Your Kids Watching Too Much TV?

By Laura Woodworth on February 1, 2022

When my kids were little, it was easy to keep the TV off. We reserved TV watching for special family times when we would wheel the TV into our bedroom and all snuggle on the bed with a bowl of popcorn to watch a favorite movie.

Topics: Technology Education Kids Parenting Faith In Entertainment
4 min read

Faith In Entertainment: How To Establish Healthy Screen Time For Kids & Family

By Laura Woodworth on January 24, 2022

Are your kids overstimulated by too much screen time? Is your family fighting the war of disengaging from iPhones, iPads, online games and television?

Topics: Technology Education Entertainment Kids Parenting Faith In Entertainment
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