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New Movies Coming to Pure Flix: February 2022

By Pure Flix Editors on January 26, 2022

Here's a list of just some of the new movies coming to Pure Flix in February 2022. Get ready to stream inspiring and God-honoring movies and shows on Pure Flix – these movies and more are available on February 1!

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4 min read

Faith In Entertainment: How To Establish Healthy Screen Time For Kids & Family

By Laura Woodworth on January 24, 2022

Are your kids overstimulated by too much screen time? Is your family fighting the war of disengaging from iPhones, iPads, online games and television?

Topics: Technology Education Entertainment Kids Parenting Faith In Entertainment
5 min read

Christian Comedians That Will Make You Laugh More Right Now

By Sarah Hartland on November 9, 2020

When was the last time you laughed so hard you cried? In a culture where the price of a laugh is often inappropriate language or content, Christian comedians are on a mission to show that comedy can be for the whole family.

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1 min read

'The Encounter' Star's Powerful Realization About 'Depravity' on TV

By Billy Hallowell on July 13, 2020

Actor Bruce Marchiano, star of Pure Flix's "The Encounter" series, passionately believes in the importance of an entertainment space where people can access safe and uplifting TV shows and movies — a positive venue where parents don't have to worry about what their kids are watching.

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3 min read

Actor Corbin Bernsen’s Powerful Message About ‘Hate and Anger’

By Billy Hallowell on September 17, 2019

Actor Corbin Bernsen believes in the power of faith and forgiveness, so it’s no wonder these are the central themes in his new feature film, “Life With Dog.”

Topics: Movies Entertainment
2 min read

‘I Want to Glorify God’: Actor’s Powerful Act Before Taking Roles

By Billy Hallowell on November 5, 2018

Actor T.C. Stallings refuses to compromise his faith and values, turning to God as he continues to navigate his successful career in Hollywood. Stallings, a former professional football player, never planned to enter the entertainment industry, but an unexpected experience inside a movie theater a decade ago left him with an undying passion for storytelling.

Topics: Influencers Entertainment Pure Talk
3 min read

Michael Ironside: Where Is He Now?

By Editors on August 14, 2017

Michael Ironside is a seasoned Hollywood actor with more than 200 movie credits to his name. Since the late 1970s, he has appeared in major productions including “Top Gun”, “Total Recall”, and “Free Willy”. In April 2017, Grace Alone Films released “Lucky’s Treasure” – a subtle and engaging Christian film starring Ironside. Today, many fans are asking the question: What is Michael Ironside doing now?

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3 min read

Here’s How One Christian Actress is Influencing Hollywood

By Sarah Hartland on July 26, 2017

From “Star Trek: Into Darkness” to “God’s Not Dead 2,” Gianna Simone’s career story is one of faith shining brightly in the center of Hollywood. Now, Simone is co-starring in the first-ever Christian sit-com

Topics: Influencers Interviews Entertainment Behind the Scenes
1 min read

[QUIZ] Which Worship Band Member Would You Be?

By Sarah Hartland on May 12, 2017

Ever seen a worship band, like Hillsong United, rock out in passionate worship and wonder what it would be like to be up there? Take this exclusive quiz and find out what part you would play in a worship band.

Topics: Entertainment
4 min read

How Music Affects Our Brains (And Our Hearts!)

By Sarah Hartland on May 5, 2017

Hillsong United member Joel Houston said, "I believe that God created music to connect people - the human heart, our soul - with Heaven." Music is an undeniably powerful tool in life and in worship. Its effects reach far beyond our eardrums though. Did you know that music has a profound effect on your brain chemistry? Music affects mood, gives your brain a workout, and can improve your overall quality of life.

Topics: Influencers Entertainment Faith
4 min read

10 Pop Stars Who Love Jesus

By Pure Flix Editors on November 22, 2016

Christians in the music industry have had a profound effect on pop culture. Here are ten pop stars who are also Christians:

Topics: Influencers Entertainment
2 min read

A Christian Show That Encourages Kids to Go Outside and Play

By Editors on October 2, 2016

“Owlegories,” an animated series for ages 2-6, features an adorable class of little owls who learn to see God in what He has created. The play on the word “allegories” is witty and appropriate, as the owls adventure to different places to learn the hidden (or not so hidden!) meaning in God’s creation. Pure Flix Insider sat down with “Owlegories” producer, Chad Gundersen, to learn more about how the series came to be.

Topics: Interviews Entertainment Kids
3 min read

Pure Flix Saves Kids from 150 Hours of Commercials

By Justina Miller on September 18, 2016

If you’ve been thinking about trading cable TV for a streaming service, this recent study might sway you. The study shows that children who watch TV on a streaming service skip 150 hours of commercial time a year. That’s the the equivalent of 6.25 days.

Topics: News Entertainment Kids
5 min read

Behind the Scenes with Actors From “Ties that Bind”

By Editors on August 20, 2016

Last week, Pure Flix Insider got the chance to hear from the actors of TV series, “Ties that Bind.” The actors gave us the lowdown of life on set and how they stay in character. Season one of “Ties that Bind” premiered on the UP Network last year and is now available to stream at

Topics: Movies Influencers News Entertainment
4 min read

7 Christian Celebrities Talk About the Challenges of Hollywood

By Editors on July 9, 2016

There are a number of Christian celebrities living and working in Hollywood, and many of them have faced challenges as they try to stay true to their beliefs. Here are some of their stories.

Topics: Movies Christianity Influencers Entertainment
3 min read

5 Christian Music Stars in Christian Movies

By Justina Miller on June 18, 2016

Just like pop music has Jennifer Lopez and Mandy Moore, Christian Music also boasts of a few singers who act in feature films. Below is a list of these double threats and their great Christian movies, which can all be found at Pure Flix.

Topics: Influencers Entertainment
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