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Pure Flix vs. Hallmark: Keep Christ in Christmas With These Top 10 Romance Movies

By Pure Flix Editors on December 9, 2022

The Christmas season comes with a great deal of tradition, including a mixture of classic Christmas specials and romantic Christmas movies that individuals and families look forward to each year.

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6 min read

The Best Christian Christmas Movies To Watch Right Now in 2022

By Billy Hallowell on December 4, 2022

Christmas can be a hectic time of year with traditions, gatherings and shopping. Why not take some time to relax with the best Christian Christmas movies on Pure Flix? This year, we have more than 190 Christmas movies and shows that will be sure to please family members of all ages. Here are just a few of our favorites, currently streaming this year.


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9 min read

'A Christmas Movie That Talks About Christ': Candace Cameron Bure Shares Heart Of Latest Christmas Film

By Marissa Zimmet on December 2, 2022

For Candace Cameron Bure, the unofficial Queen of Christmas, it’s easy to get into the holiday spirit, no matter what time of year her latest Christmas project might actually be filming.

Topics: Christmas Faith In Entertainment
10 min read

All the Best & Exciting Christmas Movies on Pure Flix This Holiday Season

By Billy Hallowell on November 23, 2022

With Christmas just around the corner, Pure Flix has over 190 movies and series available for your enjoyment.Pure Flix has the largest selection of Christmas movies streaming in 2022, offering you fun-filled entertainment options that you can enjoy throughout the Christmas season.

The Pure Flix lineup of Christian Christmas movies has the variety your family wants and the values you can trust. Discover the difference that positive entertainment can make in your home and Celebrate Christmas with Pure Flix!

Topics: Christmas Movie List
10 min read

Kids Christmas Movies to Watch With Your Children and Grandchildren

By Billy Hallowell on November 18, 2022

Tis the season to celebrate Jesus' birth — and to enjoy wholesome kids Christmas movies with your family! 

Topics: Christmas
15 min read

Christmas Countdown: 6 Weeks of Christian Movies to Celebrate Christmas

By Pure Flix Editors on October 28, 2022

Christmas is nearly here! To celebrate, here’s your Christmas countdown featuring six weeks of the best Christian Christmas movies on Pure Flix. Grab some cookies and hot chocolate and settle down for some holiday fun with the whole family.

Topics: Christmas Movie List
7 min read

7 Movies to Stream Right Now in Celebration of Christmas in July

By Billy Hallowell on July 22, 2022

Well, it's that time again — Christmas in July, or as we like to refer to it, our marker to "Half Christmas." This is the time of year when those of us who enjoy Christmas can pause and celebrate the fact that we're halfway through to our very favorite holiday!

Topics: Christmas Movie List
4 min read

Story of the Christmas Truce: Love, Peace, and Romance Amid War

By Billy Hallowell on December 9, 2020

Picture this: an American soldier and a Belgian woman fall in love in the midst of World War II's most intensive chaos. The two meet during the Battle of the Bulge — and just when fate appears to be poised to keep them apart, an unexpected Christmas truce sustains them.

Topics: Christmas Inspirational Dramas
5 min read

Your Pure Flix Christmas Romantic Comedy Guide

By Billy Hallowell on December 8, 2020

The Christmas season is upon us, which means you might be on the prowl for the best Christmas rom-coms. If you love Christmas movies, you're in luck! 

Topics: Christmas Romantic Movies
5 min read

The Story of 'We Three Kings': The Magi and the Nativity

By Billy Hallowell on December 2, 2020

The Magi (also known as the wisemen) are one of the most well-known fixtures of the nativity story. Their presence in scripture and in popular Christmas songs like "We Three Kings" sparks a plethora of questions about their identity, their intentions and the meaning of the gifts they brought to Jesus.

Topics: Christmas
3 min read

Want to Get in the Spirit? Here's the Annie Moses Band Christmas Special

By Billy Hallowell on November 16, 2020

Do you want to get in the Christmas spirit? Well, you're in luck! Pure Flix has a ton of amazing Christian Christmas movies and TV shows that are streaming now.

Topics: Christmas
7 min read

10 Best Christmas Movies For The Whole Family

By Pure Flix Editors on December 20, 2019

Take a well deserved break from the bustle of the holidays by enjoying a family movie night in. With Pure Flix be confident that your family is watching wholesome Christmas movies -- including kids Christmas movies -- that keep the reason for the season in mind. Here are our best Christmas movies everyone can enjoy.

Topics: Christmas Holidays Movie List
3 min read

'Glory to God!': Max Lucado's 4 Essential Christmas Lessons for Us All

By Billy Hallowell on December 16, 2019

Bestselling author and well-known pastor Max Lucado has some powerful Christmas lessons for us to consider — important truths that help us focus on the real meaning of the season.

Topics: Christmas Christian Movies
3 min read

7 Dog & Horse-Themed Christmas Movies to Get You in the Holiday Spirit

By Billy Hallowell on December 12, 2019

With Christmas just around the corner, consider streaming some of these amazing holiday shows and movies — entertainment offerings that will help get you in the Christmas spirit.

And if you're a fan of dogs and horses, you'll absolutely love these films:

Topics: Christmas Movie List
4 min read

7 Entertaining Dog Movies for the Christmas Season

By Billy Hallowell on December 13, 2018

Calling all dog lovers! is now streaming some truly entertaining Christmas holiday movies that feature your favorite furry friends. These dog films — along with a plethora of other Christmas titles that are available right now — will make you laugh, uplift you and help get you and your family in the holiday spirit.

Topics: Christmas Movie List
3 min read

3 Great DIY Projects for Teens this Christmas

By Pure Flix Editors on December 24, 2017

It can often be difficult to find activities that will engage and excite your teenager. This holiday season, take the opportunity to get creative. Spend time together doing things that will get your teen out of his or her room, off their phones, and participating in holiday festivities. Here are some fun projects for teens that you’ll both be excited about.

Topics: Christmas Holidays Parenting
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