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Iconic 'God's Not Dead' Movie Now Streaming on Pure Flix

By Billy Hallowell on April 1, 2020

"God's Not Dead," the iconic film that stunned the world with its viral success, is now streaming on Pure Flix, giving you and your family the opportunity to enjoy a truly transformational message.

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2 min read

Amid a Crisis With Identity, This Is the Message Our Culture Needs

By Billy Hallowell on March 12, 2020

Authenticity matters. And in an era in which truth and realness are often pushed to the side to satisfy personal or cultural whims, this reminder is paramount.

Topics: Inspirational Dramas Christian Movies
4 min read

Stories of the Bible That Inspired The Encounter

By Billy Hallowell on March 10, 2020

Forgiveness and heart change are at the core of the Christian gospels. It’s through a genuine encounter with Jesus that millions upon millions of human beings have experienced transformational change.

Topics: Christian Movies
2 min read

Hollywood Harms Culture on Sex and Violence — But There’s a Solution

By Billy Hallowell on February 12, 2020

For far too long, Hollywood and the secular media have influenced culture through gratuitous violence, sex and explicit language in television, movies and streaming programming.

Topics: Lifestyle Christian Movies
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